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Honda, Failure…

Have you ever failed at any field? In your school? In your first the second or current job? On your last project? In your day to day life? Come on, don’t be shy! Everyone have lot of failure stories to tell. The only difference is not the number of those but if we have learned from that failure or not. Honda comes with their opinion of the failure story. And yes, it is the secret of success!


Pagani Zonda R

The Zonda has set more than one record at the race track. It raised the bar for road supercars. Passion, ingenuity knowledge and craftsmanship create the parts to form an effective and focused package. At least that is saying in the commercial! The car looks powerful and has the strange beauty. The package is more oriented to track races but it is also road legal (to most of the countries). I like it! But I cannot buy one…


Color sensitive interactive bilboard

In early 2009, IBM launched its smarter planet agenda – a broad campaign acknowledging the importance of intelligent systems in the world today. In the retail industry, for example, consumer data around something as simple as color can have massive implications around shipping, inventory and, ultimately, overall sales. This interactive billboard is a simple and engaging virtual demonstration of how a smarter retail system can work. And yes… it is working! I have seen one of those couple of weeks ago in London. It tracks lot of people attention.

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Lexar behind the scenes

Here is a nice behind the scenes video from Lexar. It shows almost the full production line of their memory solutions. From the wafers that manufactured in the USA to the final assembly that it happens in China.

And as usual, every electronic device must pass some testing before goes to the shelf. But there is a video for that as well…

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Yahoo: Trail of Tiles

This is interesting! After the mobile/table industry and the surface computers (like the Microsoft’s Surface), Yahoo comes to the business of multi gestures! In this two minutes video you will take a glimpse of what they are designing.

The wall is constructed of nine smaller screens and it is able to recognise 3D gestures. But this is almost natural in these days. The interesting part is the amazing user interface and how this interacts with the person in from of the wall. It is still too far away from what we have saw in the Minority Report movie but all of those small pieces of innovation are leading us to the future.

This makes me thing what they are preparing for the upcoming versions. Or it is just a demo product and nothing more?

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Stay hungry, Stay foolish

What can I say about Steve Jobs (founder and CEO of Apple). He is defiantly gifted, talented and for sure an amazing sales man! The words in this video are parts from his Stanford graduation speech a few years ago. You can find the full speech probably under the name “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. It worth a try… trust me!

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