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Man powered helicopter

And here is cool video from a man powered helicopter from the university of Maryland! Their altitude recored is 2.5m (8ft) and it is real…

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Circuit board assembly at SMA’s

Do you know how a circuit board is populated with components, tested and then sent to its destination in order to be part of our daily life electronic equipment? This video will answer this question. It is from a Germany manufacture with top class quality!

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How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination

Massimo Banzi helped invent the Arduino, a tiny, easy-to-use open-source microcontroller that’s inspired thousands of people around the world to make the coolest things they can imagine (from toys to satellite gear or even satellite themselves). Because, as he says, “You don’t need anyone’s permission to make something great”

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Levitating a superconductor

How can a super-thin, three-inch disk levitate something 70,000 times its own weight? In a riveting, futuristic demonstration, Boaz Almog shows how a phenomenon known as quantum locking allows a superconductor disk to float over a magnetic rail — completely frictionlessly and with zero energy loss

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Return to Base

Ok, here is the fact. I love airplanes and especially the fighter jets! Probably because of that I loved this trailer as well. I’ve never saw a Korean movie before but I am waiting for this one. It is like the Top Gun with more special effects at least it looks like that from the 1:31 length video. So, what is your opinion? “Top Gun”, “Return to Base” or one of my personal favourites “Les chevaliers du ciel” (under the name Sky Fighters in the US market)?

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Inflatable spacecraft heat shield

Researchers from NASA’s Langley Research Center will launch and deploy a large inflatable heat shield aboard a rocket traveling at hypersonic speeds. The test is designed to demonstrate that lightweight, yet strong, inflatable structures may become practical tools for exploration of other worlds or a way to safely return items from the International Space Station to Earth

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Do you want one? I certainly do!!! This is the new (well two months old) 12-cylinder Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (it means little saloon) at the official video that tells the story of the evolution and performance on track and road. It is really beautiful especially at the silver matt colour!


And here is another video the focuses on design and styling. Yes, I want one…

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Curiosity’s Secrets

Check this article from Wired! Curiosity is hiding a few “secrets” or features all around its body. Nasa included those bits and pieces to improve the rovers functionality and make some measurements easier

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How to fool a GPS

What if you could use GPS technology to find your misplaced keys? How about if you could use that same technology to lie about where you were in the world or misdirect cruise ships? Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas at Austin’s Radio Navigation Lab paints a picture of an utterly new future at once worrying and fascinating.

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Def Con: 20 years of hacker evolution

Every year for the last two decades, the information security community has descended upon Las Vegas to trade knowledge, sharpen skills, and challenge authority. As technology becomes ubiquitous, this desert gathering of hackers brings together some of the smartest minds in security — and the government agencies trying to recruit them

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