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Electronics Dissolved by Water

This DARPA video shows how a new class of electronics can safely dissolve into small amounts of liquid. Transient electronics are electronic systems and components that use ultrathin sheets of silicon and magnesium encapsulated in silk. The thickness and crystallinity of the silk determines how long the electronics take to dissolve. Do you remember the SciFi movies that they destroy all evidence by dropping everything into the water? It is not fictional now! It is a reality!

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Carbon Chassis and Concept Car

It seems that all the super car companies are moving to composite materials and carbon fibber for the construction of the chassis. It is stronger and lighter compared to commonly used materials but still difficult to handle in mass production. Thats why Ferrari will use this carbon chassis for the new limited edition Ferrari. As they say: “Ferrari drew on its vast experience in working with composites for single-seaters for its new hybrid model which will be produced in a limited-edition, special series. The materials, design methodologies, construction processes, staff and instruments used are all shared with the Scuderia Ferrari”

And something that it happened to check today! A new concept interior design for Audi. It looks amazing and it seems functional as well. An entirely new fusion of technology, engineering and design, and provides pointers to the design language of Audi’s future Q models

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The Meaning of the Dial-Up Modem Sound

Probably we all know what an internet modem is (or probably was)! We have used one before to connect ourselves to the internet, it was painfully slow, expensive and was making some funny noises at the beginning of every connection. So, you heaven’t wonder what this sound was? What was the meaning? Well, here is the answer!

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Mission To Mars

Yet another documentary for the Curiosity rover! This time BBC Horizon goes behind the scenes at NASA as they countdown to the landing of a 2.5 billion-dollar rover on the surface of Mars. Probably you already know that I love those documentaries… not only with Nasa inside but anything that include technology, engineering, advance assembly and solving of problems!

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SpaceX tour with Elon Musk

From money transfers and electric cars to space vehicles or even Mars! Probably no one can be part of all of those industries right? Well… the answer is no! Elon Musk is someone that did all of those. He create Pay Pal and then he moved to electric cars with Tesla Motors and now is building spaceships with his latest business, SpaceX! In this video he make us a tour around Spacex facilities in Hawthorne California

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Apple Store – Barcelona

This is the video presented at the beginning of the latest Apple Keynote. It is their latest store and it is in Barcelona – Spain. Usually I like the Apple made videos (and this happened now as well) but in this one the music is perfectly paired with the image! The song is from the US band “Imagine Dragons” with the name It’s Time


Windows 8X and 8S by HTC

HTC designed the Windows Phone 8X and 8S to blend the virtual and the physical utilizing a three dimensional, unibody-style based on the Windows Phone Live Tiles. These smartphones are perfectly sculpted with a dramatic taper making them feel thin in your hand. Not the best video from HTC but the colours and the process of creation wort a try. As for the comments about the Windows OS… hmmm I am not sure yet!

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Moleskine Debossing

Step into the workshop where the customization tool for decorating Moleskine notebooks is created and take a first-hand look at how Moleskine notebooks are customized. This decorating procedure is used to create Moleskine custom edition notebook. And yes, everyone knows Moleskin notebooks! It is not an exciting video but it wort to watch it in order to understand the process

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A day made of glass

Probably you already know the company with the name Corning (and the Gorilla Glass) from advertisers of the latests or even old smart phones. In early 2011 this company create a video with the name “A Day Made of Glass” presenting the future as their engineers and thinkers imagining it. Now, one year later, Corning’s expanded vision for the future of glass technologies. This video continues the story of how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world.

And for the ones that didn’t remember the original video… here is the HD version of it directly from Corning’s YouTube stream. I don’t know if you thing that the future will look like that but some of the ideas are very promising while other are already taking shape!

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iPhone 5

It’s so thin and so light, but features a larger display, a faster chip, ultrafast wireless, an 8MP iSight camera, and more. Yes!!! The new iPhone! I really really want one (in black colour) but probably I will stay a little bit more with my old – slowly dying iPhone 3G

And here is an unimportant fact: It seems that they’ve used exactly the same woman and her little girl (that she is two years older now) at the introduction videos of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4! They appear at 4:20 (at the video that I’ve post above) and at 0:50 in the iPhone 4 video!

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