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Making the scene for the Ford Fusion Ad

This is not a regular blog post topic! It is not about engineering, technology or building extraordinary things. This one is more like an art and the incredible talent of Liu Bolin! The set is on the streets of LA and everything is about the new Ford Fusion commercial. They could use photoshop really easily instead of the technique that they use… but sometimes in order to make something unique you have to start from the very beginning of creativity!

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570 Megapixel Camera

This is a new super powerful Dark Energy camera that was build by an international coalition of 120 scientists and engineers. It took 10 years in the making and the reason is to unveiled the secrets of the biggest single mystery of modern physics. Why the universe expansion is speeding up? This digital camera is the worlds most powerful capable of recording lights from galaxies 8 billion light years away! No mater of how fast the answer will come the engineering and science behind this master piece is not worth it! More info here and here

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Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Inventor Saul Griffith asks whether engineers fully realize how big their influence on the world can be. He challenges all engineers, designers and makers to stretch their notions of what is possible, and to tackle environmental challenges with rigor and ingenuity. He encourages us all to treat everything in life as a little engineering problem: to keep moving, thinking, and dreaming up big ideas

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The making of Microsoft Surface

Probably you know Microsoft Surface already and if you don’t it is just another tablet device that looks like an iPad with a little bit smarter smart cover than the one that fits on the iPad. Actually the concept of this cover with the included keyboard is amazing! It takes fair amount of wisdom to develop something like this and I am not talking about the tablet. In this video you can get a more in-depth view of the making of Microsoft Surface. Sadly it is really general and not focused at the smart cover itself

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Google data center with Street View

Street View now goes inside Googles data centers! In this guided tour you can see what gives life to the services, stores the data and powers Google!


Form 1: 3D Printer

3D printing is the next big hit in the design and manufacturing process of prototypes. It is here for years but the cost of the tools was the biggest drawback of this chain. Nowadays, and especially after the introduction of the first MakerBot, newly born companies around the world trying to compete with the expensive tools and create more affordable ones with the same or even better capabilities. Till now the results were promising at least from the cost side of the story but the 3D models were poor and mostly not reproducible. Formlabs is a company that wants to change this using their model based on stereolithography. They present their project to Kickstarter and they already raise $2,000,000! Hopefully the product will be as they promise!

And here is an interview from Tested at the World Maker Fare of 2012 in New York city at the Formlabs booth. I hope you’ll consider backing the project, I already did!

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Megafactories – Learjet

This is another Megafactories documentary that now visits Learjet! They are probably the worlds most known manufacturers of business jest for private and military use. The majority of the plane parts as well as the final assembly and the luxurious interior is hand made and carefully finished for the best results. An amazing combination of airplanes engineering and luxurious craftsmanship

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The world of Bang & Olufsen

I was looking a couple of days ago for a few good quality Audio-Visual companies for a specific job. A few of them are amazingly good (and expensive), some of them are new but very promising and others are in this business for years with sound and product quality the exceeds the general standards. One on them is Bang & Olufsen and this is a unique look inside their world. From the R&D and design to production and the test facilities and finally the finished product

And here is the craftsmanship in the BeoVision 10

And as they say: “It’s no miracle making a constant and linear movement. But starting slowly, going faster and then reaching a soft stop… that’s what makes it really fascinating. The mechanical movements contribute significantly to the magic behind many Bang & Olufsen products”

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The making of an 800 Series Diamond speaker

Heres a video of the making process of a Bowers and Wilkins speaker, the 800 Series Diamond. B&W (as often abbreviated) is a British based private company (at Worthing – West Sussex) that produces mid-range through reference quality hi-fi and home theater speakers. The only negative in this video is the music that comes together with the video! It is OK in the first 30 – 40 seconds but after that it quite disrupting (at least for me). Not the best choice for a video produced by a company with a profession with sound

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Matt Rogers – Nest Learning Thermostat

The latest episode of Foundation features Nest co-founder Matt Rogers. Matt shows off the reinvented Nest Learning Thermostat and remembers his early days at Apple, including the never shipped click-wheel iPhone! It is a really good interview. Probably the best of the Foundation series

And here is the product of the Nest company. It is a pretty minimalistic designed that looks that came out directly from the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino

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