Northern Lights through thick ice

I was watching the Norther Lights five years ago in Finland almost every night. It is a spectacular phenomenon that you could easily spend hours, speechless, just looking at the sky. But this picture blew my mind! The Northern Lights as you have never seen them before… through thick ice in the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle. It is like watching a SciFi movie! It reminds me somehow the Sunshine movie… what about you?

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One thought on “Northern Lights through thick ice

  1. Blerta says:

    When I first started antiiamng, I barely even knew about Youtube. To me, stop-motion animation was simply a fun way to pass the time, since Legos and photography have always been special hobbies of mine. Since I’m relatively new to Youtube, I’m still finding my way around the community. Now my videos are made to please myself and also those who view my videos. Youtube has encouraged me to make better content through the help of others, and that is a big reason why I continue making Lego animations. Cheers!~ EnvelopeCrease ~

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