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MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

Even from the first glimpse at this masterpiece you can realise that is inspired from aviation. It looks like the ends of the twin engine fighter jets and it is sleek, aerodynamic and basically brilliant! You can find one of those under the name HM4 Thunderbolt and is a watch from MB&F. Of course, probably you can’t buy one as it was a limited edition version and it is already gone from the market. And even if you manage to find one probably it cost the same as an expensive family car… or even more!

And as they are saying at their official web page “The Thunderbolt’s engine is the culmination of three long years of development. Each of the 300-plus components – including the regulator and even the screws – was developed specifically for this anarchistic calibre. Horizontally configured dual mainspring barrels drive two vertical gear trains, transferring power to the twin pods indicating hours/minutes and power reserve”

Yes! I really really really want one!!! But probably I should sell my house for one of these… so not a very good idea

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Panamera Sport Turismo

From a clay model to the world premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show! In this exclusive footage video, designers Michael Mauer and Mitja Borkert working at the R&D centre of Porsche and taking us in the development process of the Panamera Sport Turismo. To be honest I don’t actually like the car from the middle and back but the making process is noteworthy

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Gravity Light

GravityLight is a revolutionary new approach to storing energy and creating illumination. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent… for free. It ‘s kind like a swiss clock that uses weight and the gravity to move their hands. For now they are targeting Africa but I thing that the applications will be even greater!

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A glimpse at the OLED future

This is a video from Philips, making us a tour around their new OLED inventions for the not so distance future! The video is not technically oriented but a more artistic one. And if you want to condense everything into a sentence then this will be the one: “In the evening you’re not switching on the ceiling lamp or the wall lamp, but instead you’re switching on the window”

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The Verge: 365 days of art, culture, science, and technology

This is a video from The Verge and actually it not belongs to my regular blog post topics. The video mainly speaks about the different stories covered by them. It is their perspective of the word in 2012 and it actually summarises the trends of technology, science and culture through this smart made video. They are one year old now and I really love their job…

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Boeing 777: The Makers

This is a nice video focused on the people of Boeing, especially the ones worked at 777 program! The official video is titled “Precision Craftsmanship” but personally I don’t think that it is the appropriate one. Of course Boeing demands precision craftsmanship but this one is kinda dedicated to the every individual that worked and put the effort to make 1000 of these faster than any other wide-body airplane in history. So, “The Makers” it is!

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