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Samarai – A Maple Seed-inspired UAV

Have you ever imagine how a Maple seed could become the inspiration for a new UAV? How nature sources ideas for scientists and engineers out there in order for them to get inspired, design and push the boundaries of current tech even furtherer? Well, the people of Lockheed Martin did exactly that by designing a flying robot having in mind a Maple seed. Its name is Samarai, derived from the Latin word “samara,” which means a winged seed.

The Intelligent Robotics Lab of LM is behind this “invention” and despite that this is still a prototype (looking more like a broken model airplane and nothing more) the applications of a fully functional robot like that are endless. As Bill Borgia (head of this lab) said, “Think about dropping a thousand of these out of an aircraft” – “Think about the wide area over which one collect imagery. Instead of sending one or two expensive, highly valuable aircraft like we do today, you could send thousands of these inexpensive aircraft, and they are almost expendable”

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Koenigsegg: Sweden’s Hypercar

Koenigsegg is a Swedish hyper car manufacturer hidden in the backwoods of Angelholm. They are designing and manufacturing themselves, in an old airbase, some of the most exotic, fast, expensive and rarest vehicles on the planet. Everything are results of a child’s dream. Christian von Koenigsegg dream, wanted to made the best out of limited manufacturing and funding resources

And this is a different view of the same manufacturer. It is from the well known series Megafactories (or Ultimate Factories in some countries) of National Geographic. This is more oriented at the construction process without the face to face conversation with the founder and owner of Koenigsegg. Somehow I really love both of the above video styles. Maybe because both of them include composite materials, gears, speed, engineering, electronics, dexterity and lot of passion!

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Making SSD’s

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are reliable, high-performance storage devices that replace hard drives in laptops, PCs, and dozens of other applications you cannot even imagine! And here is a start-to-finish view of how Micron develops solid-state drives

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Slot car racing

Have you ever played slot car racing? If not then you should tried one day. It reminds me my childhood and the day I’ve received a black circular track with two cars for Christmas. But this one is not so simple. Is an iPad controlled slot car race track made to give the experience of driving through the screen. Audi asked Slot Mods to bring this concept to reality and they did it with remarkably success! In the video, the Slot Mods team talk about the challenges they faced making the track for Audi, like cramming a video cam into a slot car, the little details at the cars and the surrounding nature and the complications of controlling it with an iPad. It’s 15 minutes long but defiantly worth to watch it…

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Nikon: Making Lenses

This is a video from the official Japanese Nikon YouTube channel. It is all about lenses and nothing more. Somehow I like it even the high level of abstraction that carries. But I think that they can do even than that. They are one of the top DSLR manufacturers out there, they must hire a good video artist…

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QNX Technology Concept Car

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the QNX technology concept team in action as they take their most recent demo from white board to red carpet. They are not making a new engine or a revolutionary transmission system but a new information – entertainment (or infotainment as they used to call it in the automobile industry) that basically controls everything! Have in mind that QNX is making operating systems, development tools, and professional services or connected embedded systems. The video is also good as a recruitment material that shows the work being made there, as Paul Leroux said

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This is a very promising concept from Plastic Logic. They reveal it during the on going CES2013 and the name of it is PapetTab. It is going to be a flexible 10.7 inch tablet PC based in the e-ink technology and it is thin as paper. For now it is only a prototype device and they company is working hard with different proof of concepts for both the hardware and software levels. Have a look at the video and let me know if you like it or not…

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Ubuntu for Phones

From iOS and WebOS to Android and now Ubuntu for phones (somewhere out there is also Firefox mobile OS but this is still another story)! In this 60 seconds video you can watch the features and interaction design that characterise Ubuntu on smartphones. I am still not convinced about this concept. I know that it is still in development mode but most of the times the first video makes you smile. This smile never happened with this one. Somehow I still love the integration and graphics of the old WebOS with Palm but this marriage over long time ago. On the other hand I am an iOS user since 2009 but as I said on an older post the guys at Apple should work really hard to bring it up to date with the latest trends. Yes, iOS was revolutionary at 2007 but now is like an old ugly truck

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Making the Tesla Model S

This is the first post for 2013 and I thought that the best way to start this new year is with a brand new National Geographic – Megafactories episode! This time we have the Tesla Motors and the design/making process of their latest Model S, a car made entirely in the United States. It is an electric vehicle that change the way we think about them and probably will revolutionise the way the electric power is used freely by the drivers

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