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What most schools don’t teach

Whatever you want to be a doctor or a rockstar you should ask for a coding class at your school! This is the last sentence of a really inspiring video posted at the CodeOrg channel a few minutes ago. It speaks about the importance of learning how to code or even better how to thing (according to Steve Jobs). What is the final note? Everyone can code! Why not you?

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Moleskine pen production

This is a behind the scenes video of the Moleskine pen production. It is a 1:14 long video and goes from the original sketches of the designer to the machines that produce the tips, springs, tubes and lids. And if you are interested in a pen like this then try the Moleskine Store

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Passion for Engineering

I am an electronics engineer and I love it! I am designing embedded architectures, algorithms and systems. But I am not stopping there. I am fascinated from all kinds of engineering. From aerospace and manufacturing engineering to vehicle and structural. If you combine those with beautiful design, passion for perfection and of course craftsmanship then you get a mixture that drives me! Look for example the above photo (and the others as well). It is the front part of a Pagani super car engine bay. It doesn’t matter which one. It only matters the engineering perfection and thinking behind it. The CNC machined engine covers together with the carbon fiber and other composite materials. The mathematics of power ratios, friction and consumption. The color of the torx bolts together with the precise hand assembly.
Somehow those photos describe me as person even if my original passion is not the vehicle manufacturing and design. Maybe it is originated at my childhood, playing with screw drivers and tearing down toys in order to figure out how they operate. Somehow if I have to paste a link to a picture that best describes me (but it is not me at that frame) then possibly it will be a combination of all the shots posted here together high class electronics and wiring all around. Maybe the background will have a bench with tools, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. Maybe a stereo-microscope as well, close together with a soldering iron for hand assembly of delicate prototypes.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a car like this probably the first thing that you will do is to open the door, get inside and drive for hours! Feel the engine power, the speed and acceleration. But I will not do the same. I will open the hood and look inside. Enjoy the picture for the moment and then feel with my hand the surface of the different materials. Then my other part of the brain will start. It will try to understand why they fit this bolt here and not there. Why this metal part is triggering this elastic tube. Why they fit electronic management at the suspensions but not at the powertrain. And it is not something that I am doing with specific steps. Every time is a different path. Somehow my brain automatically rearranges everything at the background. Yes, I like to get my hands dirty. Yes, I am an engineer and I love it!


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Rise of the Drones! Are you Prepared?

Sometimes the evolution of technology and engineering brings to life concepts that firing huge debates between people with different perspectives of life and visions of the future. Among others, one of those debates has to do with UAVs or Drones. These unmanned flying robots that fit in different sizes and architectures started as sciences fiction figures and transformed to actual shapes. Currently they are well know as “cheap” surveillance platforms for military use and evolved, sadly, to lethal machines. But there are other uses too. From information gathering in critical areas (like nuclear disasters or earthquakes and floods) to tools for amazing shoots in movie scenes and a totally new category of hobby! Their capabilities of flying higher and for more time as well as the ability to perform complex tasks faster and precisely will be the future. But they will come to our cities and possibly our own backyards? Do we have to afraid them or possibly the next killer app for Drones will be not killing but helping us? So, are you prepared for the future?

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Solve for X

This is probably one of the best advertise video for a new web site or even better a movement for inspiration to go even further. It is all abut technology based moonshot thinking from individuals and teams from all around the world. They call it Solve for X and in case that you wondering what is moonshot thinking?
“Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious technology and pure science fiction. Instead of a mere 10% gain, a moonshot aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem, and the breakthrough technology that just might make that solution possible”

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