Rise of the Drones! Are you Prepared?

Sometimes the evolution of technology and engineering brings to life concepts that firing huge debates between people with different perspectives of life and visions of the future. Among others, one of those debates has to do with UAVs or Drones. These unmanned flying robots that fit in different sizes and architectures started as sciences fiction figures and transformed to actual shapes. Currently they are well know as “cheap” surveillance platforms for military use and evolved, sadly, to lethal machines. But there are other uses too. From information gathering in critical areas (like nuclear disasters or earthquakes and floods) to tools for amazing shoots in movie scenes and a totally new category of hobby! Their capabilities of flying higher and for more time as well as the ability to perform complex tasks faster and precisely will be the future. But they will come to our cities and possibly our own backyards? Do we have to afraid them or possibly the next killer app for Drones will be not killing but helping us? So, are you prepared for the future?

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