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Manufacturing the new Touit lenses

Find out how the new Carl Zeiss Touit lenses for Sony NEX and Fujifilm X cameras are manufactured. As usual you can’t expect anything less than perfection and detail at the levels of μm from the Zeiss manufacturing

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Apollo F-1 engines

Probably you already heard about the team, organised by Jeff Bezos, with a mission to recover the Apollo Saturn V rockets (used to sent US astronauts to the moon). Well, the mission was successful and now it is time for the cleaning and preservation phase of those awesome engineering machines. Those are two photos that I’ve grab from a recent Wired article that you should read! The technicians are still using fine brushes and gentle movements as they are at very early face of the cleaning process

The interesting information? Until now Jeff Bezos and his team still doesn’t know precisely from which Apollo mission these particular engines came from! Probably they are going to find soon from a manufacturing plate or a tailor made designed part manufactured and build only for one engine of a specific moon mission

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A Hybrid Rocket Car

This is detailed video of how the fastest car in the world is working. As they are saying: “At 4 meters (12 feet) long, 45.7 cm (18 inches) in diameter and weighing 450 kg, BLOODHOUND’s rocket is the largest hybrid ever designed in Europe and biggest to be fired in the UK for 20 years. In its ultimate form it will generate c. 27,500lbs of thrust, equivalent to c. 80,000 horsepower (hp) or the power of 95 Formula 1 cars”

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Aston Martin CC100

Aston Martin is celebrating its centenary in world-class style with the debut of the exceptional CC100 Speedster Concept. It is an one-off car that looks both to the past and future of British design. The 6.0-litre V12-powered concept car made its world debut by completing a lap of the famous Nordschleife at Germany’s ADAC Zurich 24 Hours of Nürburgring race. An exceptional car, a well made video and craftsmanship at its best!

PS: The video screenshot looks “strange” but trust me you have to watch this

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It’s not a movie. It’s history

This is the first title that instantly pop out my mind when I’ve watched the news the other day. It is like the old movie “Stealth” (terrible plot but raised some right questions about the future of artificial intelligence). And yes, this will be part of history. It is the first carrier-based launch of the X-47B UCAS vehicle! In other words an autonomous unmanned combat aerial vehicle can take off and land on an aircraft carrier. But the most scary or exciting part of this story is that in the near future this thing will take decisions entirely by its own. No controller, no middle man. Nothing between the machine and its mission. Hopefully there will be a “kill switch” somewhere available…

But if you forget the questions for a moment then you can enjoy the power of engineering and technology. Seriously! Just look at the photos. It looks like the tip of the sword. Simple, powerful, intelligent, full of high tech bits and pieces…

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D-Wave Quantum computer

This is a photo from the wired blog. It is about the upcoming future of Quantum Computers and their possibilities. For now they are only at the lab/research level but many big steps have made over the last few years. Have a look here for the full article

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Bang & Olufsen: The magic design

It seems that I’ve already post too many B&O videos here. But every time that a new video is coming out from this factory it is like a must post for me! It is not only about their quality products but for their fine videos as well. They are saying that we must join them on the magical journey from initial, fledgling ideas through prototypes and thoughts when designing a new Bang & Olufsen product. Meet designer Torsten Valeur from David Lewis Designers and Kresten Krab Johansen, concept developer at Bang & Olufsen guide you through the process and thoughts behind the new surround sound system BeoLab 14

And this another video from the same source. It is in cooperation with Discovery Channel and it tells the story of BeoLab 14 material craftsmanship. “Take a closer look to fully appreciate the detailed and uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship that goes into BeoLab 14. A single piece of aluminium transformed under the weight of 170 tons of pressure forms a seamless ring of pure, flawless strength”

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A super cute robot!

It is not the latest innovation nor a step forward in engineering! It is not even something that will blow your mind when you see it in reality! But it has something that can capture your thought immediately and this is his graphics! It is exactly the same think that makes a mobile application in one platform super successive and the same app in another platform just a regular or even a failure. Good graphic design combined with solid background code can and will make the difference everywhere! Seriously, just watch the “face” expressions of this robot. Probably the cutest thing I’ve watched today

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CubeSat’s at SRI

Robert Scoble visited the famous research lab, SRI International, which is where SIRI, Nuance, HDTV, the Mouse, and many other things started their lives. Here we see how SRI is launching Cube Sats. It is an interview like video but provides lot of info and insights about those small satellite concepts

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Ferrari Tailor-Made

This is one of the most expensive tailor-made car program that you can find out there! It is from Ferrari and is well established for years now. You can basically choose what you want (and what your pocket can afford) but there is always a dedicated designer by your side in order to secure that the finished car will look and fit the Ferrari standards of perfection and beauty. Too sad that the video is not in english

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