Ferrari Tailor-Made

This is one of the most expensive tailor-made car program that you can find out there! It is from Ferrari and is well established for years now. You can basically choose what you want (and what your pocket can afford) but there is always a dedicated designer by your side in order to secure that the finished car will look and fit the Ferrari standards of perfection and beauty. Too sad that the video is not in english

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3 thoughts on “Ferrari Tailor-Made

  1. jphillips5 says:

    Reblogged this on JackMichaelPhillips and commented:
    It doesn’t matter if I can’t understand the language, as the design, materials and quality of the Ferrari products speak volumes for themselves. I dare to think how much it would cost a customer to create their own tailor-made Ferrari.

    • embeddedday says:

      Yes, the Ferrari quality from the materials to the craftsmanship and design is always exceptional in every form! As for the tailor-made cost… I can’t even imagine of buying a regular production (and possibly second hand) Ferrari car. The tailor-made probably it will double the price of the car!

      Thanks for the reblog!

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