It’s not a movie. It’s history

This is the first title that instantly pop out my mind when I’ve watched the news the other day. It is like the old movie “Stealth” (terrible plot but raised some right questions about the future of artificial intelligence). And yes, this will be part of history. It is the first carrier-based launch of the X-47B UCAS vehicle! In other words an autonomous unmanned combat aerial vehicle can take off and land on an aircraft carrier. But the most scary or exciting part of this story is that in the near future this thing will take decisions entirely by its own. No controller, no middle man. Nothing between the machine and its mission. Hopefully there will be a “kill switch” somewhere available…

But if you forget the questions for a moment then you can enjoy the power of engineering and technology. Seriously! Just look at the photos. It looks like the tip of the sword. Simple, powerful, intelligent, full of high tech bits and pieces…

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