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Designing a TV

When you walk into a shop to buy a TV you are surrounded by shiny, plastic new products which you spend thousands on in a blink of an eye. But do you ever stop to realise what made your new set possible? In order to find out the lengths of detail that go into engineering a modern LCD TV, Humans Invent were given exclusive access of Sharp’sLCD Centre of Excellence in Barcelona, set up last year in order to make televisions specifically for a European audience. Humans Invent travelled to Spain to find out what goes on inside the research facility…

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Renault Energy-F1

The video starts with a quote from Alain Prost: “An engine is the heart of a car, from next year it returns to the heart of our sport”. A quote that fits perfectly this wonderful new advertisement from Renault. It’s all about a new engine with two energy sources, thermic and electric, for a new era of Formula 1 track records.

Honestly, when I’ve watched the news about this engine I was happily surprised that they produced a video like this one. In general those news are supported only by photos and graph charts but not teaser trailers. It is for sure a nice touch and hopefully I will perform good as well

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Aston CC100

A few weeks ago I’ve upload a blog post abut the CC100, the new Aston Martin concept car. An one-off design that it’s not exactly made for a case study purposes but more as a trophy for the 100 years anniversary of the brand. The first video post was from the official YouTube video channel but this one is from Evo TV. It is pretty much the same video but with more drawing board shots and construction. Have in mind the the video is worth watching until 3:35. After that it’s just useless Evo advertising

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Pilot Recounts Tales of SR-71 Blackbird

The SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft flew missions around the globe at speeds above Mach 3 and altitudes of 85,000 feet or more. Although its many contributions the true missions and capabilities will never be fully revealed to the public. In this interview with former SR-71 pilot Col. Buzz Carpenter, you’ll hear a first-hand account of the aircraft’s power and majesty

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Industrial Places

A good friend of mine just sent me a tweet about a web page she found. It is the official blog of photographer Alastair Philip Wiper. As I said in one of my previous post I am not a professional photographer nor it is my hobby. So, he might be a really famous person out there but still I have no idea about him! The only think I know for sure is that he captures my mind for more than 2 hours now!

He has a wide portfolio range but for me the industrial places are the ones that triggered my attention. From CERN in Switcherland to anechoic chambers for antenna testing and from print factories in England to metro (or subway or tube depending of the region you are living) construction under the surface of the earth.

As he describes at the about section of his blog his is an English photographer based in Copenhagen and working worldwide. His work concentrates on industry, science, architecture, and anything that goes on “behind the scenes”. The infrastructure, the strange technology inside industrial estates, or those gargantuan buildings by the side of the motorway. Well, we have a few common points of interest here!

Some of his clients are: CERN, Galleries Lafayette, Gestalten, Henrik Vibskov, Novozymes, Secret Cinema, S.N.S. Herning, Sipsmith Distillery, Technical University of Denmark, Frontier Medical Group, Euroman, Politiken, Berlingske Tidende, N Magazine, University of Southampton, Corduroy Magazine and many more.

Keep doing the same amazing work Mr Alastair Philip Wiper! I don’t know you but you have a special place at my bookmarks now! Beautiful photos from industrial places that making our world move around

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IBM Client Center Research

“The IBM Client Center Research – Zurich is the unique place in Europe to pick the brain of IBM researchers, industry and trend experts and explore new technologies and IT trends. It is located at IBM Research – Zurich, home to world-class scientists and of two Nobel prizes. The Client Center provides companies, academia and government with the opportunity to find out how IBM’s R&D assets, trend research, advanced technologies and solutions can increase their success”

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Making a difference. One app at a time

After the buzz of the WWDC conference keynote from Apple and the new OSX, iOS and a little bit of hardware it’s time for the company to get in the video/advertising period of those products. It is always a good time to watch an Apple made video. And we have not an exception here. Polished, precise, inspirational and lives you with a strange happy feeling at the end. I wish I had the same feeling with the new icons and colour palette used at their new mobile OS. I don’t want to be misunderstood! I love the clean and simplistic look of the new OS. But the choice of shapes and paint at the icons moves the target group of users to a much younger age… something like less that 22years old! At least it is still in beta stage

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Engineering at its best

Engineering at its best! It is the new Mac Pro from Apple and the engineering design and aesthetics of it is just brilliant! For more info and an amazing animation have a look here

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Success in Photography

I am not a photographer! I never owned a fancy DSLR or even an old style film type camera. I am just using the same cheap (under $100) Sony point and shoot for more than five years now. I am not even playing the photographer like most of the boys and girls out there carrying their latest and greatest DSLR. But I can understand that photography is another form of art thats needs passion, time, timing and understanding of the result before even push the two steps button. Yes, the one that magically captures the moment. Like all the “jobs” out there it always starts with failures. Lots of them! But over time in builds up into something more than a regular job. And if you don’t trust me then have a look at this video that summarises in just one sentence: “I probably know more about failure than I do about success”. Enjoy, and always be passionate about whatever you doing!

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F35 crossing the sky

They are saying that this is (or probably it will be) the most advanced fighter jet on the planet. On top of that, the same people are also saying that it is one of the ugliest out there. I can’t express a point about the first sentence but I can definitely say that from this point of shoot the jet looks amazing!

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