Success in Photography

I am not a photographer! I never owned a fancy DSLR or even an old style film type camera. I am just using the same cheap (under $100) Sony point and shoot for more than five years now. I am not even playing the photographer like most of the boys and girls out there carrying their latest and greatest DSLR. But I can understand that photography is another form of art thats needs passion, time, timing and understanding of the result before even push the two steps button. Yes, the one that magically captures the moment. Like all the “jobs” out there it always starts with failures. Lots of them! But over time in builds up into something more than a regular job. And if you don’t trust me then have a look at this video that summarises in just one sentence: “I probably know more about failure than I do about success”. Enjoy, and always be passionate about whatever you doing!

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2 thoughts on “Success in Photography

  1. Joe McNally is such a great photographer and maybe more importantly, a great teacher. It is amazing that someone at the pinnacle of his craft can remain so humble. Thanks for sharing the video.

    • embeddedday says:

      I am glad that you like it and really thank you that you hit the like button! As I said I am not a photographer but this video is truly amazing! I hope it will be an inspiration for many ones out there…

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