BAC Mono. Engineering and Art

Are you interested at Bjork music? Yes? No? Personally I am not, but somehow I remember a video clip from her from the song “All is full of Love”. The music is not my style but the video it is. It is showing a robot and little pieces of engineering! So, what these have to do with this post? It is all about a car which get key inspirations from this song video clip

The car is made from BAC and its name is Mono. It looks amazing, it is not like a regular day to day car and I want one! Not only because it can go fast but also because it triggers a part of my brain that still remains a child (interpreted with the good way of course). Even the little pieces of cuts at the carbon fibber body or the half covered engine making the viewing experience even better.

I will not get into mechanical details, top speed characteristics or even the fixed tables that you can find on a regular car magazines. You can find all of those here but even if you read this probably you are like me and you are not a the waiting list for it. But despite that you can still admire/enjoy the video and pictures. It truly is a piece of engineering art that can move around in high speeds

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