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Dyson engineers reveal R&D insights

I was surfing the web and I just found, on the Dyson’s YouTube channel, something that triggered my mind despite my first thoughts that I am going to see a boring video just out from the marketing department! The result? It is amazing how much engineering is behind a vacuum cleaner. Basically is a short length video describing the problems and engineering solutions during the R&D process of a new Dyson model. Lots of electronics and mechanical parts in this…

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170 years of Hurricanes

I’ve found this photo from Gizmodo, just minutes ago, and it is amazing. Basically it is a map created from hurricane data over a period of 170 years! Every single line shows the path followed from the beginning until the end of this powerful nature phenomenon. Here is a similar photo of the east side of the earth

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Our Home in Space

This is an animated video that presents, probably with the most simplistic way, our home in space – the solar system! It starts from our position in galaxy (the Milky Way) and goes down to the planets level, moons and all the other celestial objects in our suns gravitation field. Everything with little, but very precise, details that will bring you up to date with the latest facts and figures

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Nokia: Testing their phones

I never owned a Nokia phone! Not just today at the smart phone era but even before when Nokia was the “king” of this market! Now they are trying to gain their lost market share, in a highly competitive category, and except from great phones they need good marketing strategy as well (and for sure more Apps for their software platform). This video is part of this strategy but it also indicates some of the development process. That’s why I’ve posted here

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Engine Rebuild: Project One

Will Urbina became famous on YouTube for his custom made PC cases and computer projects! He is making truly amazing items and almost all of them are hand made with detail close up videos of the process. Another hobby of his is cars. Specifically, the rebuild and modification of the Baja Bug that he owns. In this video (part 2) he reassembles the engine and adds all the peripheral parts before he fit again the power house at the cars engine compartment

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The value of Craftsmanship

His name is Geoffrey Franklin and with his Walnut Studiolo he makes wood and leather bicycle accessories by hand. I am actually not a huge fan of his creations as final products. I don’t own a bicycle either (ok I do, but I almost never use it) but I really appreciate people that create things with their hands. People that take raw materials, change them, process them and putting lot of effort and inspiration on them. No matter if this is for leather bicycle accessories or a custom made experimental plane engine. It’s all about the people and the creation process! And honestly we have to elevate them at the “ranks” of humanity. I am bored of watching singers and useless TV personalities being the love models of our society. So… in this video, Mr Franklin shares thoughts on the design process and explains what it really means for something to be handmade

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Fighter Jet Engine Inspection

This is something that you are now seeing every day! It is an engineer inside the tail of a jet fighter engine (an F16 to be accurate). With his flashlight he is inspecting the engine for little cracks and any foreign objects insertion that could harm or even totally destroy the most critical part of the plane

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One Year on Mars

I remember the day like it was yesterday, when I woke up early in the morning (at least at my time zone) to watch live (yes, it was the regular suspect: Ustream) the landing of Curiosity rover at the surface of Mars! A year has passed and now Jet Propulsion Laboratory remembers the best moments of the story so far! It is a remarkable achievement! Hope, for more projects like this one! And remember… all of those are just the first small pieces of the puzzle for putting our footprints to Mars

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Red Bull Racing: Rhythm of the Factory

What an amazing video! Perfect motion pictures, perfect sound, perfect concept, perfect colours! It is from Red Bull Racing (originally uploaded on the officially Infiniti YouTube channel) and it shows with a very inspiring, and musical, way how they design and make their Formula 1 racing cars. I liked it a lot because it shows almost everything of what I love! From drawings to CAD design, craftsmanship and model makings, to CNCs and advanced engineering! Simply… I love it!!!

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