Phonebloks: A promising concept

Well, this is a very promising concept! As they are saying at the intro: “A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade”. They are so true about that but it is mostly the one side of the story. Most users (especially at the smart phone era) they are not waiting their phone to brake in order to bye a new one. They are just consuming more and more just because a newly introduced phone has slightly more memory and better package. Sorry, but this is the ugly truth!

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2 thoughts on “Phonebloks: A promising concept

  1. Isaac Yuen says:

    I like the concept and the pitch, but surfing the net I think there is a lot of skepticism on the feasibility of it from an electrical and industrial engineering perspective.

    • embeddedday says:

      Yes, that’s true Isaac! Personally I don’t think that the concept will go into reality anytime soon or anytime in general. Maybe the “makers”/hackers community will start producing actual blocks but that doesn’t mean real life products in the mass market

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