Riding the Booster

As I’ve told in one of my old blog posts, I really missed the space shuttle era! With every new STS mission I was watching numerous YouTube videos about the mission objectives, the engineering and scientific challenges and of course… the launch! Probably the most exciting part of the story that triggers all of your individual senses. I’ve never watched in person any of the launches and since the space shuttle program ended the only way to enjoy those are from videos on the net. And this post here gets one of my favourite videos. A hint… watch the miles per hour. It tops at 2.963mph just before the release of the secondary boosters! Amazing ride!

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2 thoughts on “Riding the Booster

  1. Jim in IA says:

    That was very interesting. I’ve watched a lot of various video from different camera viewpoints. But never this one of the boosters back to the sea. The parachute opening was kind of like jellyfish.

    I am like you. I miss the big launches. But, I understand we were in need of newer technology.

    Thanks for posting this. I had a good time.

  2. embeddedday says:

    Yes, newer technology is always a need. But it seems than now we are going in an unknown future about space exploration in general.

    Something like the Apollo times. We were able to go to the moon and back (numerous times) as a humanity. Then we were happy with the space shuttle and with close orbit flights. Now we will be happy with what? Flights just at the stratosphere? Or maybe even lower?

    I know that private companies are leading the way (Space X for example) and this is great… but it seems that there in not a plan any more.

    The only promising part of the story and possible the lab that we are going to see even more amazing stuffs on the future is Nasa JPL!

    PS: Glad that you like my post! I really appreciated!

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