Stealth technology 101

This is a fast but condense video about the primaries of stealth technology. Alan Brown, the first Chief Engineer of the F-117, explain how lowering radar cross-section numbers is all a matter of angles and degrees. The video is from Lockheed Martin, one of the pioneers and possible the best company on this field nowadays. Of course, the geometrical architecture is only one part of the story. Radar absorbent materials (RAM), plasma technologies and/or even speed are some of the research topics on this technology for years. Probably scientists and engineers have already discover more techniques to solve this problem but because the solutions are close related to military technology we aren’t going to hear about them anytime soon. Remember, the F117 Nighthawk fighter jet (commonly know as the Stealth Fighter) was top secret and pretty much an non exciting plane for almost a decade. And it was based in a late 70s early 80s tech! Can you imagine what is going on now? If yes, then drop a comment below

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