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Peugeot Bicycle

An engineer, technical, “artist” or I don’t really know what exactly he is, is assembling this concept bicycle for the French car manufacturer Peugeot. It looks futurist and for sure is constructed from fancy materials and alloys. Nice! I want one!

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Montblanc Manufacturing

“Τhe future of traditional watchmaking”, a good quote for a video like this. It is what it is. A well made video about watchmaking from the well known German manufacturer.

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A ride with the Typhoon

This is a film originally produced for the Science Museum of London. Experience the thrills of flying backseat in the RAF’s Typhoon frontline jet fighter. This film features highlights of an ultra-low level mission over the stunning scenery of the Lake District and the Welsh valleys.

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JPL Guidance Algorithm

“NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory tested its G-FOLD divert algorithm experimental landing system at the Mohave Air & Space Port in Mojave, Calif. G-FOLD, which stands for Fuel Optimal Large Divert Guidance Algorithm, enables a rocket to select an alternate landing site, autonomously. The test was performed aboard a Masten Xombie rocket. This effort was performed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory with participation from the University of Texas at Austin, Masten Space Systems, Inc. and NASA’s Flight Opportunity Program, which is managed by NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center”

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Faster than a Racecar

Why a vacuum cleaner video is interesting for me? Because it shows so much technology and engineering in just 90 seconds! Its all about the Dyson DC59 cleaner and how it is working so efficiently. I am always enjoying Dyson YouTube videos because almost all they are sharing the same format. A combination of technology and close up photos/animation that will produce the wow factor at the costumer side. And probably this formula is working perfectly!

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Past and Present

Following my previous post about the 30th years of the Macintosh, I thought that it was a good idea to post these pictures. Those are from the, a web site about product repair by users, tear downs, fixes etc. Despite the orientation of this website the photos that produces over the years are spot on for any tech enthusiast out there. You can find the full teardown here

Past, present and I would love to have the picture of the future as well! Can you guess what the next photo will be? Even smaller and faster? Or embedded in our body?

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Apple: Mac – Thirty years of innovation

“Thirty years ago, the Mac put the power of technology in everyone’s hands, launching a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This video celebrates some of those pioneers and the incredible impact they’ve made”

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Breitling Chronograph

Breitling is a privately owned company founded in 1884 in Grenchen, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. They design, engineer, manufacture and distribute chronometer watches that look amazing. They are also close related and inspired from the aviation industry and especially from fighter jets. That is even better for me

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How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus

Another video from Drive, another tour at a car manufacturing plant! This time they pay a visit at Audi to see the construction process of the R8 V10 Plus. The description of the videos says: “The R8 V10 Plus is a special Audi that shows off the craftsmanship of Quattro GmbH. Leo Parente tours the special assembly shop where the R8 comes together. While the shop is high-tech, there is still a hand-built element to the construction of the R8”

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An Amazing Interactive

Seriously you must watch this! I am not kidding! You have to press this link: Planes in the sky right now and enjoy the power of data gathering and real time interaction. It is from The Guardian and as they are saying: “To mark 100 years of passenger air travel, our stunning interactive uses live data to show every one of the thousands of commercial planes currently in the air, charts the history of aviation since 1914, and asks what comes next for the industry”

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