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Engineering Porn: Chapter 1

Yes, I love engineering! Ok, let me set it a little bit more clearly. I really really love engineering! In any kind or form of expression that it is available on this world! From aerospace and electronics, to automotive and civil.

No matter what it is the base of origin, no matter what problem is trying to solve during this period of time, no matter anything. It is an amazing entity by its own means! And this is more than enough for me! You don’t have to be a geek or a nerd or any other fancy (and fashionable these days) word that is rising to the surface. You just have to be a honest human being!

And if you don’t believe me look at the pictures! Non of those are from a single engineering project. Is a small collage from a variety of designs, concepts and hard work transformed into real object of desire. And despite that, every single one is capturing what I am trying to present here

The mathematics and science. The craftsmanship and precision. The many different raw material transformed and shaped in forms and figures that go against their normal nature. Every single centimetre is there because it has to be. Every single decision is taken after testing, prototyping and work around the clock. Everything for a solution to a problem. No matter if this oriented to pure science, medical or even day to day life.

And the end result? Well, look around you. Look on your screen of your smart phone and tablet or even outside the window. Take a walk and admire everything. From the cars that crossing the street, to the cup that holds your hot coffee in your hand, to the notification that just came to your phone, to the airplane that is crossing the sky, to everything…
If it is not nature then it is engineering. And the sad truth? The word that you admire and want to live in, is not made by fashion idols and TV personalities. Nor from politicians and poets! It is made from geeks and nerds around you that will become scientist, doctors and engineers! So, the next time you will cross one of them on the street say a thank you to them! You don’t know why… but maybe he will be the one that will cure cancer one day!

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How The Briggs Brothers Made a Supercar

A very truthful interview of the Briggs brothers (Neill and Ian Briggs). The funders and owners of the Briggs Automotive Company, commonly known as BAC. It is a British sports car manufacturing company based in Speke – Liverpool focused to produce specialist sports cars targeted at enthusiasts. For now their only creation is the Mono, a car created around a pure driving experience. Have a look at the interview. It starts from their childhood and goes all the way to the future of the company and the new cars. I love self made people that through hard work and true passion become so successful!

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Sony Craftsmanship

BRAVIA┬« engineers have discovered that we remember colours more vividly than they really are – and we want our photos to replicate the colours in the memories we cherish. So, they developed the Reality Display to close the colour gap between memory and the way things appear in real life (…from Sony official YouTube channel)

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One 77

I don’t know if they have already sold every single one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77 cars. I’ve heard that they had some problems with that and I honestly I don’t know why! Yes, it is overpriced like all the super cars out there. But come on… it is really really beautiful!

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Speaking of the Future: Advanced Aeronautics

“The story of aviation has always been the story of people who have the courage to fail, to try again, and to one day succeed. And the passion to advance aeronautical design through innovative solutions is ingrained in our culture”

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Fly me to the Moon

And let me play among the stars! This song came to my brain just after I’ve watched this photo! It has nothing to do with Frank Sinatra but still as a photo is a masterpiece (for all the aviation geeks out there)

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Around the globe and around the clock, Boeing employees do amazing things. No matter if a project is outside the atmosphere or below the ocean surface, our team demonstrates the passion to build a more exciting tomorrow.

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McLaren mp4-12c

This is the McLaren MP4-12C but nowadays is commonly known as just the 12C. It is the first production car wholly designed and build by the McLaren group. You can google the name if you want more details. For sure the external colour of the body together with the internal leather combination produce a great result. Nice selection happy (and reach) owner!

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Making a Dial: Franck Muller

A detailed video about watchmaking and specifically the making process of a dial. It is from the well known (and highly expensive) Swiss manufacturer Frank Muller. Now I understand why those watches and chronographs are so ridiculously expensive! But even now that I showed my appreciation I still can’t own one!

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The Differential

I’ve found this photo and I liked it a lot! Lot of mechanical parts in a nicely build compartment. It is car differential system and the origins of it can go back to the ancient times. I just post the photo because I found that the cross section of it looks really good. If you want to look more about it the have a look here

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