Audi: The cube

In my opinion this is the best car launch consept of the last couple of years! It is a specially designed 11x11x11cm black cube, strictly limited to a few selected happy (potential) customers, with a car start button on the top. If you are one of the chosen ones, the manufacturer will distribute this cube at your own door. However, the driver has to push the start/stop button to trigger the countdown. A GPS signal will transmited and 90 minutes later, the drive in the Audi A8 can begin! I don’t know about the car, I will never drive one of those… but the concept is brilliant! Congratulations Audi or maybe I have to give my greetings to the advertising company?

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One thought on “Audi: The cube

  1. Ty Tower says:

    Good stuff . Now all they need to do is recall all those 10 year old Audi A4’s with terribly designed Constant Velocity Gearboxes with 6 plate clutches and replace them with the 7 plate model which costs each owner approximately $7000 at present and do it for free as it should be . They started failing at 40K . Be very careful when buying a car from them I think !

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