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Engine Start

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Polishing a Leica

Spoiler alert! This video is extremely boring for anyone not appreciating hand made stuffs and obsessive craftsmanship. Actually it shows the entire process of detailing and policing the body of a Leica T camera. Hit the play button if you are a fun!

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OnePlus One

Well, thats a well made video for product promotion! As the videos describes: “One team, four months, sixteen countries, and you”

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The mothership has landed

This is an internal video from Apple and its all about their new campus in Cupertino California. Watch it before its too late. As usual, Apple is very “sensitive” with those non approved releases and this will go off line soon…

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Better from Apple

“At Apple, we strive to reduce our impact on climate change, find ways to use greener materials and conserve resources for future generations. This video was shot on location at Apple Facilities. Now more than ever, we will work to leave the world better than we found it”

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Working at 3D Robotics

“What it’s like to work at 3D Robotics: An introduction to the company through the stories of the people who work here”. Ok, I am gonna quite whatever I am doing and I can go there to work! I am not kidding! I strongly believe in this company and the future or autonomous air vehicles or drones or air robots or anything else you want to call it! Believe it or not, this movement will be the next Facebook or Google or any other happy tech company with huge amount of money!

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Can you believe that is made of paper

Yes, I will say it again! Can you believe that this is made entirely from paper? Not some specially kind of paper with unique capabilities but ordinary day to day paper from cardboard boxes, empty cereals, biscuit wrappers and other stuffs from the trash can!

And who is the creator? Paul Bischof, a UK-based modelmaker and Formula 1 enthusiast! He painstakingly builds scale model race cars mainly on 1/10th scale. And he details everything. Not only the exterior and the parts someone will see. From oil pumps in the engine to straps in the bucket seats and electrical cable running across the body of the car. One of his scale models can be composed of over 6,000 pieces of paper!

Now, he works for the real Red Bull Racing, designing components for actual Formula 1 cars. He deserves it to be there… and probably to even greater places! You can see more of his model work at his blog

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