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Zenbo | ASUS

Zenbo is a friendly and capable home robot designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to families and meant to address the needs of each family member. With a full range of capabilities, including the ability to move independently and understand spoken commands, Zenbo can assist in the home and interacting with him is easy and fun.

In other words, a super cool and cute robot (with great potential) but it’s presented terribly in this ad! This video is the official one from Asus and sucks! And wait, there more! Have you seen the video from the presentation day? It’s the one below! I don’t care if he is the CEO or any other high ranking official from Asus! But I care about how you have to present something to the public… and he is for sure a terrible host!

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Bees with Backpacks

The bees are dying. By putting micro-sensors on bees and Intel Edison technology in their hives, one of the world’s greatest minds is hoping to save them from extinction

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HoloLens and Greg Lynn

Greg Lynn FORM, Trimble, and Microsoft HoloLens are exploring opportunities to transform the architecture process. Mixed reality enables Lynn to immediately get a sense of scale, form, and space so he can easily visualize his ideas and make decisions more quickly

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Developing Sustainable Fuel: Team FAST

Team FAST used their Ultimaker 2+ to prototype a scale model car that runs on formic acid. They believe formic acid is the sustainable fuel of the future, combining all the strong points of electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars without any of the weaknesses

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Project Soli: Developers Showcase

The Soli Team shipped Alpha DevKits to a limited number of extraordinary developers from around the world. This is a showcase of what the community has built. Thank you for all the amazing efforts from everyone working with us. If you’re interested in learning more, check us out here

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Ultimaker 2+

And now I want… no, no I need an Ultimaker! And it will be my first 3D Printer! If only was not so expensive!

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Dyson 360 Eye: How It’s Engineered

You think designing and testing a product for mass production is easy! Well, this is just a glimpse of the process…

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