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The New Panamera

A genuine sports car with the comfort of a luxury sedan, without any compromises in everyday life. For sporty drivers – and their sporty passengers

How do you create an unmistakeable sedan that was born on the race track and is at home on the road? With the courage to change. The courage to make driving even more intuitive and at the same time more intense. The courage to build a genuine sports car with four business class seats

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Reinventing 35 years of innovation

The final episode of Future Cities strand, Wired is looking at the power of Shenzhen’s practices to revolutionise our world

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Cozmo: Behind the Scenes

Driven by the vision of bringing a character to life in the real world, Anki worked incredibly hard to combine robotics, AI, and computer vision technologies into a consumer robot. Their realization of that vision is Cozmo, a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out

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Developing on Project Bloks

Google is developing a platform that will make it easier to create tangible programming experiences for kids. In this film they outline how the platform could enable developers. They worked with IDEO to create a reference device, called the Coding Kit. It teaches kids the basic concepts of code by allowing them to put code bricks together to create a set of instructions that can be sent to control connected toys and devices. Learn more at

PS: Too late Theodosis… or maybe not?

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The Garden Of The Connected Future

The gardening experience of the Connected Future doesn’t just involve dirt, seeds and shovels anymore. Edyn connects gardeners to information and data about their soil that they would’ve never had access to before

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A new breed of intellectual property

This is the third episode of Wired’s Future Cities strand. They explore how attitudes in Shenzhen about patents and intellectual property differ to those in the West

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The Truth About Solar

A really well made and truthful video from ColdFusion

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Shenzhen: The Maker Movement

Shenzhen! The present and future of hardware and maker movement is here!

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Xbox – Project Scorpio

I don’t want it… but technologically its a monster!

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