Hi! My name is Ioannis Kedros

I am an Electronic Engineer by education but considering the projects that I’ve worked so far probably I must say that I am a Systems Engineer. I like to design, make, hack and then redesign again innovative systems for mass production to custom one-off designs.
Mainly I am working with FPGAs, designing digital architectures but for hobby purposes nothing can beat the microcontroller!


Facts About Me

  • Start working with electronics from the age of 11, assembling RF and light effect kits
  • Tested high voltage mains power twice since now and I will definitely not do it again
  • Fascinated from all kinds of engineering! Even the word “engineering” rings a bell inside me, especially if it’s close together with the “technology” word
  • Carrying a first prize in algorithm design from back in the days of high school, but since then I am sucking in high sophisticated software design
  • Three times honours scholarship at the BEng level and distinctions to all of the Thesis that I’ve submit up to the MSc level
  • I was going to be a fighter pilot… now I am flying with ultra lights
  • The average life span of any toy during my childhood was 1.2 days. Sometimes even less, teardown just after the unboxing
  • No, I don’t have a PhD and I am not sure if I am interested in
  • Can’t be a vegetarian
  • First world prize in electronic design competition in 2007 and 2010
  • Huge unimportant knowledge about Sci-Fi movies and Comedies (especially sitcoms)
  • Love the philosophy and talents of startups!
  • Like to make things with my hands, form delicate miniature models to highly advanced electromechanical assembly
  • Seriously, I can’t be a vegetarian
  • I will love to work for the aerospace industry (Lockheed Skunk Works please hire me. I will start by cleaning the floor if I have to)
  • I can’t live a normal life… I am an engineer (check Dilbert if you can’t get the reference but if you can drop me a mail)

Skill Set

  • Multilayer low speed PCB design 99%, high speed 87%
  • Advanced electromechanical assembly 99%
  • Specification definition and schematic capture 90%
  • Debugging and fault finding 87%
  • Firmware architecture 89%
  • Component selection and sourcing for low cost 83%
  • Overall software architecture 75%
  • Fitting everything in ultra low dimensions 80%
  • Design for extreme low consumption 79%

Why this blog

For not a specific reason! I am surfing the web and occasionally I am finding interesting stuffs between the massive production of useless information and content surrounding the web. You are going to find here posts about engineering, technology, design, craftsmanship and everything else made a click to my brain. Most of the times those are embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo or just still pictures

In other words this blog is like a profile machine of what I like, my vision of the future, beautifully designed items and the passion for engineering.

Follow me

Facebook Feed: EmbeddedDay Posts
Twitter Feed: @Ioannis_Kedros
Photos of hobby projects and more: Flickr

Mail me

Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at john_kedros@hotmail.com for any enquires, blog post hints, suggestions, project info, just to say hello… or anything else! I am answering to every single one in something like three days max. If this not happened then probably your mail stuck at the filters. Please, send it again…


PS: Probably you are going to see advertising somewhere in this web page. Those adverts are not mine and I am not getting any money out of them. It is a WordPress think… and hopefully I will get rid of them soon


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Jim in IA says:

    Thanks for posting stuff you like. I taught high school physics for my career. Engineering always appealed to me. My son got his MS in Mech. Eng. Now he is a Lt. in the Air Force in pilot training.

    All this stuff gets to me, too. Have an interesting time. :-)

    • embeddedday says:

      Really happy that you like my blog! Yes, physics and engineering are for me (and as a I am seeing to you as well) a big part of my life. Not only professionally oriented by as a hobby as well!

      Your son is in pilot training!!! Nice!!! My best wishes to him!

      By the way, I was reading your blog a few hours ago! Keep posting interesting stuffs as well. Really nice blog posts and articles!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Very nice blog, and interesting usefull stuff. Keep it on :)

  3. Stratos says:

    You have made a very informative blog with quite interesting videos and projects. Keep up the good work Ιωάννη, I will be checking out your blog frequently. Thank you.

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