A few of my hobby project that I’ve build from back in the days of my first semester in the Uni until now. A few of the latest ones are designed for some organisations or individuals. Couple of those are sold through worldwide distributors like RS Components and Farnell.
I am sorry that I can’t post big multilayer FPGA boards and mixed signal systems of my professional life. All of those professional projects are intellectual property of different companies.


Making a Quadcopter

FPV System

Project Tube

Sensor Modules


Raspberry Pi

Energy Harvesting Module

Power Module

Ermis GR4 (v2.0)

mbed Application Board

Animatronics Board

m3pi Robot

Ermis GR4 (v1.0)


HD Audio Module

Artemis Net

Display Board

Ermis GR3

RC5 Decoder

Ermis GR2

Equation Solver

TWMN Controller

USB to Serial Module


Spartan Expander

PIC Programmer

Display Board Prototype 1

iButton Manager

Bench PSU

Binary Clock

Nokia LCD Controller


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