And then this came on my front door! I was expecting another box of parts first and this one two weeks latter but it worked the other way around. This one came with bpost and after a Google search I find out that it is the official Belgian Post services. It contains two LiPo batteries that are now forbidden to travel from China via air.

A customs declaration invoice on the top (on inside as well) and after thee cuts with the knife I open the box. This time recycle paper is the padding material! Yes, Europeans (me included) have a little bit better understanding and appreciation about the environment. In all the other cases any type and form of unrecyclable plastic will play the role of padding.

On the other hand I don’t know how safe if to transfer batteries, highly powerful charged batteries, with a box full of highly flammable paper material! Yes, this is the paradox here!

And those are the two batteries I’ve order 4 days ago and came today in this ultrafast delivery! I took them out of the box and as before… more paper here as well! Yeap! The same flammable material that we all love!

The first LiPo is 2200mAh 3S1P 30C and the second one is exactly the same but 25C. This is the maximum constant rate that those batteries can discharge. For example for a 2200mAh battery with a 30C discharge rate I can draw 66A continues out of it before it’s totally empty (and latter on starts a small fire). Of course, this is the theoretical value and it varies from the actual value. Have in mind as well, that normally you don’t have to discharge a LiPo battery bellow the 3.5 volts.

Some battery brands can go even lower, safely, but this is not always the case especially with cheap ones like the ones here.

A few close-ups before I took them out of their white boxes. They are very well protected and sitting tight enough in there. No worries about their safety! It will be really impossible to short circuit them by accident.

It is looking great! I have to say that I am little bit excited now! Every new delivery brings me even closer to my project. I know that since I will first fly the tricopter I will probably crash it immediately but it worth the effort (and money too)! The making process, the learning curve and the fun of building something with your hands is priceless!

The cables, both of them, are silicon based. True silicon and not like the advertised ones from other brands. Extremely flexible and perfect feel in the touch. Yes, touch! You can tell many things about the quality and reliability from touching something if you have a bit of experience!

On the end is also the XT60 connector. The yellow part of the LiPo battery. You can use other connectors too but I followed the path of XT60 and I will stick with it as it does what I want!

Wow! A card! An internal resistance and voltage check card! A good end for this unboxing! And the measurements, if they are true, are spot on for the brand and the price per battery!


Next: Charger


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