Before the end

Yes! A new incoming package for today! And this is the one before the end! I am excited with a big smile on my face! It is again from HobbyKing (international warehouse this time) and they are following the same packing procedure as before.

Inside, after the removal of the items protection materials we have this view.

First in the queue the Mobious camera! It’s not in any regular packaging but more in an OEM one, with plastic bags and tape holding the parts together. But this is not the case only for the one I have order for better pricing. This is the regular style for this camera. They are saying that is the rival of the GoPro cams but this is not the case. From the price point of view this one cost one sixth of the price of some GoPro models. The video quality (1080p and 720p with 60fps if you choose) is more than enough for home made videos, remembering moments of the past. But if you want cinema style creations that you want to put on YouTube and make thousands of clicks then go with the GoPro without any other question!

Continuing with the unboxing, those are a bag of 100pcs – 4mm x 150mm cable ties. Very thick ones and extremely durable… and I am not going to use those them extensively. The color is nice, making your multirotor prettier but the durability is a concern here.

In a multicopter you just want to put all the parts together and to secure them in place. You want an amount of durability but not an expensive one! The cable ties, except of an easy way assemble things, creating also a choose-able weak point in your project. For example, I am going to secure the motors at the tips of the booms with cable ties. In the case of a crash (that is going to happened) the cable ties will brake, saving the motor. But if I use those extra durable ones problems will rise. The possibilities saying that maybe they will not brake at all or when they do it will be too late and the motors (or any other component holed together with those) will have un-repairable damage.

And that’s why I am going to use those instead:

A little bit cheaper than the previous ones, lighter too, and durable enough to hold everything in place without afraiting of the weak points!

For anyone that is making models or any other crafts this is a must have item. CA glue or Cyanoacrylate Glue. Also goes around with the nickname crazy glue, instant glue, super glue etc. This is a HobbyKing brand one with a medium thickness. Yes, you can find those in three varieties. The thin one that looks and acts like water, the medium one that is a little bit thicker that the previous one and finally the thick type that is more like a jam!

And now, a few Velcro tapes. The first one (the white) is without any adhesive on its back and you have to glue it where you want. It has a nice holding force but the lack of adhesive puts another step on the making process that we can skip it by selecting the blue one.

It’s more or less the same as before (the comments saying that is a little bit more stronger that the previous one) and has adhesive on its back. Great! I am going to secure the batteries with this.

Next, a yellowish – foamy like pad with glue on both surfaces (top and bottom). Is 4mm thick and makes a perfect candidate for putting the electronics together without opening holes and using hex bolts all around! But be careful, this is not going to put any vibration dampening into your project.

Finally, for this unboxing an order that just came from a shop on eBay. Some 10cm servo extension cables. I am going to use 3-4 of those but this package that includes 50pcs costs only $2.45. So, I took them all.


Next: Everything is Here


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