I was having a few problems with this parcel! First of all the delivery boy left me two notices about it. You know, the ones that we deliver it – you must sign for it but you weren’t there! But actually I was there both of the times! At least during the time it was noted on the papers. I had to go myself to the local office of the delivery company to short this situation. It was a fast walking during my work brake!

And on top of those, before even sign to accept the parcel I realize that the box was pretty smashed from one of its corners. It was also dirty (mainly dust) but this one went off easily.

The internals are almost impossible to get damaged due to the type of components it is carrying. So, I get the “risk” to accept the parcel and move on!

Again the same trend as usual! A few air pillows on the top and all the parts nicely organized and placed on the bottom.

For this order I have a couple of meters of silicon cable both in red and black colors (it’s the pure silicon one at 16AWG), a meter of 4mm diameter heat shrink tube, the final ESC and DT-750 motor the LiPo charger!

The heat shrink tube looks good. It’s soft and quite flexible. I haven’t used the Turnigy brand before but having in mind the reviews this should be great! On the other hand, even if it’s not that great… it’s just a heat shrink tube and nothing more! Even the bad ones are doing their job more than ok. And by the way, the best way to shrink it is by hot air and nothing more. I am seeing a few makers out there using a lighter. Yes, it will work but will destroy also the properties of the tube. In other words, forget the softness and flexibility in case of a lighter!

The silicon cables came all together in one plastic bag. You can find the order codes together with the part numbers on top of the bag. I took them out and the quality is perfect! Extremely flexible (that’s why they saying pure-silicon) and true 16AWG. They can accept soldering tinning easily too! And here an AWG array for anyone interested:

Smaller AWG (stands for American wire gauge) bigger Amperage capabilities from the cable. Higher AWG exactly the opposite. Simple as that!

I was a little bit suspicious as well, about the actual cable length. I’ve order cables from other companies before and the actual length compared to the ordered one is always different (and a few times spot on). And yes you find it out! The client is the one that loses this battle. Not by a meter of so but for 10 – 15cm for an order of 5m+. This is not a problem as 15cm is not a huge length. But this order surprises me! Both cables (red and black) were 14cm longer! Again, you will not gain almost anything by 14cm more! Maybe you can wire a single boom of a small multicopter with it or make a small wire harness. You can’t count on extra length gifts for your project! The price per meter is super cheap and you have to order what you want plus a little bit more! So, why I was surprised? It is just a good touch!

And as we are almost to the end of the parcels I am waiting for my project, the last ESC and motor is here! Now I have three pieces of both and I can start building it! I am waiting two more of both parts respectively for failure purposes.

It seems that between the four weeks of my first motor and this one the color of the DT-750 box changed! Now it has a lighter black tin! I don’t think that this is the new pallet. Just the color tank of the Chinese factory was just before the end! Like when you printers toner ending!

Despite that, the DT-750 is still the same. Powerful, with low rotations per volt and with this strange unnecessary long shaft!

And the final piece for today! The LiPo battery charger. An Accucel-6 from Turnigy. Actually it can charge a wide variety of battery chemistries like NiMH, NiCd, Lead Acid and LiFe. But I’ve order it just for the its LiPo capabilities. Maybe later the LiFe will be on use as well as it is a very promising battery chemistry.

It comes in a small cardboard box that opens from the top. The first thing you see just after putting the top cover aside is the charger itself in a plastic bag. Below there is another lid that opens from the opposite direction of before. In there you will find the necessary cables.

Those are a barrel jack to alligator clips wire for the main power supply, an XT60 to banana for direct connection of the battery and finally and XT60 to alligator clips as a general-purpose wire. The one connector was slightly bent in the position of the two cables. I will resolder those, as I am not 100% satisfied from the quality and robustness of the already made connection.

From this side (picture below) we have the output banana plugs together with the balance port inputs. The balance port is must using multicell LiPo’s without internal circuitry. Ok, maybe you don’t have to use the balance charge every single time you charge the battery but I am recommending it. Usually in forums and blogs they suggest using the balance method of charging every 3-4 charging cycles but this is not true!

There is nothing interesting from the downside of the charger. Just a quality check passed sticker. It’s a good charger and highly recommended from the community of the hobby but I still think that those stickers are just there by default, way before any quality checking applied!

The LCD screen, a 2×16 alphanumerical one probably based on the HD44780 Hitachi controller, still carries the screen protector. The tab to remove this is trapped underneath the extruded aluminum case. It’s easy to remove it with a set of tweezers but it doesn’t worth the hassle for now. I will teardown this charger soon and remove it then. Or I will maybe keep it like that for protection purposes.

And now a quick live test of the charger in order to figure out if the charger turns on. I am not using an external power converter this time but my bench power supply set it to 12V. Everything looks good. The LCD is nice and clear, the buttons are all functioning well and the menus are simple and easily to understood. By the way, the voltage range of this is from 11V to 18Vdc. Just a quick note for anyone interested!

And these are the remaining of the cardboard box after I took all the necessary parts outside of it. A yellow safety note with a few Chinese to English typo – lost in translation mistakes (extremely common in products like this one) and a moisture bag to keep everything dry during storage and shipping.


Next: FrSky Taranis


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