FrSky Taranis

In the previous unboxing post I wrote here, I’ve said that I was having a few problems with the delivery of the parcel. And those problems are nothing compared to the situations this one raised!

To begin with, this is the biggest and heaviest package so far (and until the end). Inside it carries the transmitter and a three more little pieces that finally went in stock. I am using the same shop as before but now the delivery company is different due to dimensional/weight constrains. I thought that this is not a problem as all the delivery companies that they are using have been tested before and passed all the checks with flying colors!

And somewhere here all the problems begin! The company that shells the transmitter ship the package a little bit late (10 days actually) compared to other times while I was paying for express delivery. This is still OK for me, as I was really busy with other work related projects at this time. Then, the parcel (after two weeks of traveling) landed in Germany! A mail came to me two days latter that I should pay customs clearance fee for the European Union. Fair enough! This is always the case, so I put my credit card in use and an hour latter everything was fine.

Next day, a mail update from the same sender informed me that the clearance procedure ended and the parcel will get shipped via express delivery to your door. Remember, I am not living in Germany! I was happy about the situation and was expecting the parcel the day after tomorrow. Then three days latter and still without anything on my hands I open the tracking page to see what is going on? The update was “Clearance Hold”! Wow, this is new! I send a mail to the delivery company and two day latter they informed me that the parcel is still on hold fore further clearance checking. I called them to learn more and they told me that it is on hold because they want to categorize the items that were carrying and to understand if those are aloud to get imported in the EU!!! Really? Seriously… really!!!

I don’t know if they open the package (a normal procedure during clearance) or they scan it with x-rays… but how they categorize it as an item for further inspection? Maybe because of the transmit nature of it! Fair enough. I have to wait 3 more days. 5 days latter and still without any update I am making another call. The package is still on hold but later today will get released.

Yes, latter the same day I am receiving another a mail from another shipping company that they will transfer my package to me. Normal procedure as the first company was responsible to get the item from abroad to EU boarders. I am crossing my finger that all the problems ended and I will have my transmitter soon! The tracking update from the latest shipping company was “Delivery label printed – Expecting the parcel”. In other words, they have arranged the shipping but the first delivery company didn’t send anything to them! Wow!

Another call to the first shipping company. They told me that we are so sorry but we are searching our warehouse from corner to cornet and we are still unable to locate the package! What! You lost my package? Are you kidding me? A week latter and after lot of calls they manage to find my parcel in Heathrow – UK! Oh my God! What is happening! How they are so irresponsible about their job? It’s a registered package with tracking information and everything! How is that possible! So… because now the post is becoming huge I will just say that I’ve paid for express shipping and 2,5 months latter I finally had what I ordered!

This is the package with the 2.4GHz FrSky Taranis transmitter! It traveled all around the world and 75 days latter landed on my hands! Together with it a few more things were traveling together. And as I told above, all of those with express delivery! Can you imagine what will it happened for a regular slow delivery?

Some lock straps for the battery hanging under the tricopter, a pack of some twisted servo extension cables and a meter of black wire mesh guard.

And now its time for the Taranis unboxing! It’s still in the protective bubble wrap (just a thin layer of it) but is protected more by its charring case made from aluminum.

And voila! The case with all its glory! Latter on I will figure out that the quality of this shining piece of metal that protects the transmitter is a piece of crap but for now I am really excited! The front top left cornel has a sticker about the order configuration. Mine is just the bare minimum, meaning no receiver, charger or any other fancy peripheral. I’ve already a spare charger and I will order the telemetry receiver (an X8R) in one of my next orders.

The first click of the … gave me a happy feeling! I am even closer to my project! I am even closer to the first flight! And as soon as I move the carrying case lid away the transmitter revealed and the happy feeling transformed to excitement!

A few close ups, still without to take it off the box! I am trying to catch every bit of the moment but photos can tell a lot to the audience! It is a Mode 2 transmitter meaning that the throttle and rudder is on the left stick (thats why the stick is not on the middle position but on the zero throttle one) and the ailerons – elevators on the right stick.

I fire it up and… nothing! Really, nothing! While I was still traveling together with my excitement I forgot that all those electronic devices are shipped without their power source connected. It’s just a safety measure. Remember for example the mobile phones with removable batteries. It’s never plugged in! I open the back battery holder cup and plug the JST connector.

The OpenTX logo together with the woman voice put my smile to the highest level! We are live and ready! But I will take a few more photos just to finish this blog post!

The lock straps are from Scorpion. They told me that those are the best out there but you can go wrong with a few pieces of velcro tapes! Even the not so good brands are more than enough!

At least the close ups are looking great! The velcro holds really well ant the plastic loop adds a better protection level to the system.

The next plastic bag was holding a few misc parts! This black “makaroni” is a … that you can put cables inside and make them pretty! I am going to use this in some other projects of mine but for now I just order it in order to use the remaining free shipping weight.

Those cables are servo extension leads. They are twisted because they can handle interference better (at least they are saying so). The quality here is exceptional! The plastic connectors are precisely made and the wires are covered with true silicon! Making them super flexible and durable.

And this is the neck strap of the Taranis transmitter. I should post it this before but somehow end it up here! It is thick and seems ok enough for the price. The metallic part on the end pays the role of the balancer! You can connect the strap on any of the three holes putting the transmitter in the best position for you.

By the way, I was going to throw that away in the recycle bin and suddenly I’ve read it! HK Patent! WOW!!! Seriously! For a bunch of lock straps!!! Wow!


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