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Polymaker filament

Polymaker, a company that pioneers in developing new 3D printing materials shows us the creation of 3D Printer filament

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Advanced Materials from Formlabs

Formlabs Engineering Resins simulate the full spectrum of injection-molded plastics, covering the versatility of properties required to confidently conceptualize, prototype, test, and produce successful final products

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Ultimaker 3 for Professional 3D Printing

Ultimaker is proud to announce the Ultimaker 3; the most industrial-grade desktop 3D printer available. With its reliable dual extrusion and material-matching swappable print cores, professional 3D printing is made accessible

Discover which features make the Ultimaker 3 the most industrial-grade desktop 3D printer available. Learn more about the Ultimaker 3 here: http://ultim.kr/2efgJMZ

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Microsoft HoloLens: is Ready!

Mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens blends 3D holographic content into your physical world, giving your holograms real-world context and scale. Interact with both digital content and the world around you as you explore 3D in 3D.

And now this concept object is here! The first developer edition is ready for you! Alex Kipman and Kudo Tsunoda welcome developers to the team. They share an overview of what’s included in the box with the HoloLens Development Edition and invite developers to imagine the possibilities by checking out apps and games that have been curated to inspire.

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Oculus Story Studio

In the beginning there were moving pictures. Then came sound, color, CGI. See the beginning of a new evolution in cinema with Oculus and virtual reality!

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The future of 3D Printing

“Imagine a world where we can 3D print a full-size cargo plane or quickly produce a body part to save someone’s life. Through additive manufacturing or 3D printing, we are bringing people closer to products and solving challenges in new ways. We are pushing the limits of this technology to produce parts quickly and affordably with geometry and design that has never been possible before”

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The Technology Behind LiveAudio

From mono sound, to stereo and now to the LiveAudio sound! Yes, it is one word and is registered already by the Jawbone company! This is a nice intro video about the basic idea of live audio and how to implement this into the real life

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Leap Motion: Autodesk into 3D Design

When the well known Autodesk collides with Leap Motion, things you’re thinking in your mind can happen so much faster. This video demonstrates exactly this collaboration (and the results it brings) between a tech startup company and the probably the leader into CAD design, Autodesk. Lots of nice design snapshots and overall a well made presentation video

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Small Empires: 3D printing

“A company within a company.” That’s the story of Shapeways, a startup that began in an incubator within Dutch conglomerate, Philips. And Shapeways itself is something of an incubator, a 3D-printing marketplace that allows for others to make a business out of their work

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