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PowerEgg – The Flying Robot

PowerEgg, the next generation drone, will be officially launched and coming to stores near you in Q2 2016!

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Solo: The new drop from 3DR

It looks amazing! I am wondering if they still use an open source pixhawk flight controller or they moved to a closed source custom made one! For more info have a look here: http://3drobotics.com

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Working at 3D Robotics

“What it’s like to work at 3D Robotics: An introduction to the company through the stories of the people who work here”. Ok, I am gonna quite whatever I am doing and I can go there to work! I am not kidding! I strongly believe in this company and the future or autonomous air vehicles or drones or air robots or anything else you want to call it! Believe it or not, this movement will be the next Facebook or Google or any other happy tech company with huge amount of money!

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Chris Anderson on Drones

Chris Anderson, on of the founders and currently the CEO of 3DRobotics is speaking about the present and future of drones into the military and mainly commercial area. He focus on his business but the end story is that the drones will come and we should not be afraid them! Yes, my point of view as well!

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The Drones are Coming, from Tijuana

From learning english by watching Family Guy to making a Drone company by using a cheap toaster oven! This is the story of 3DRobotics by the point of view of one of the owners, Jordi Muñoz. A Mexican that make his dream a reality. Sadly, this is not the best video on the net about this gifted man. I am unable to find his latest interview… so, enjoy this one!

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