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Never Stop Challenging

This is your life. Move ahead. Keep the spirit. Because life is a journey. It is your journey. #NeverStopChallenging

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AMG: The Company

I will be quick for this post here! I just found it a day ago and today I decided to posted here (I don’t know why exactly I liked it but I did). The description of the video says: “Who is Mercedes-AMG and what does Mercedes-AMG do? This video gives you a short overview of our company”. And it’s about it. Simple and quick!

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On the Road or Above? Time for selection

Two beautiful items! Precisely made with the finest and toughest materials available on earth. Yet, lightweight like feathers, crafted like two pieces of art and engineered to the highest standards of our currently available technology. Loving it? Then hit the like button to show your appreciation!
And you make up your mind then drop a comment of what you choose. Road or Sky?

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Passion for Engineering

I am an electronics engineer and I love it! I am designing embedded architectures, algorithms and systems. But I am not stopping there. I am fascinated from all kinds of engineering. From aerospace and manufacturing engineering to vehicle and structural. If you combine those with beautiful design, passion for perfection and of course craftsmanship then you get a mixture that drives me! Look for example the above photo (and the others as well). It is the front part of a Pagani super car engine bay. It doesn’t matter which one. It only matters the engineering perfection and thinking behind it. The CNC machined engine covers together with the carbon fiber and other composite materials. The mathematics of power ratios, friction and consumption. The color of the torx bolts together with the precise hand assembly.
Somehow those photos describe me as person even if my original passion is not the vehicle manufacturing and design. Maybe it is originated at my childhood, playing with screw drivers and tearing down toys in order to figure out how they operate. Somehow if I have to paste a link to a picture that best describes me (but it is not me at that frame) then possibly it will be a combination of all the shots posted here together high class electronics and wiring all around. Maybe the background will have a bench with tools, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. Maybe a stereo-microscope as well, close together with a soldering iron for hand assembly of delicate prototypes.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a car like this probably the first thing that you will do is to open the door, get inside and drive for hours! Feel the engine power, the speed and acceleration. But I will not do the same. I will open the hood and look inside. Enjoy the picture for the moment and then feel with my hand the surface of the different materials. Then my other part of the brain will start. It will try to understand why they fit this bolt here and not there. Why this metal part is triggering this elastic tube. Why they fit electronic management at the suspensions but not at the powertrain. And it is not something that I am doing with specific steps. Every time is a different path. Somehow my brain automatically rearranges everything at the background. Yes, I like to get my hands dirty. Yes, I am an engineer and I love it!


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