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Bugatti Chiron – Making a supercars

For years, automotive manufacturer Bugatti has been working on the successor to his Veyron. Immediately after its appearance in 2005, the Supersportwagen caused a sensation as the fastest and most expensive series vehicle ever. Today, about ten years later, other manufacturers want him to run the rank. So it’s no wonder that Bugatti’s goal is to surprise the world with the so-called Chiron again

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Applied Minds: KiraVan

The KiraVan is meant to be the ultimate exploration vehicle—a ’Swiss army knife on wheels.’ A pet project for designer Bran Ferren, who named the van after his daughter Kira, the KiraVan also acts as a test bed for travel tech and vehicle engineering

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No One Teaches You How To Be An Artist

“Jason Freeny has your back. He’s also got your lower intestine, your spleen and quite possibly your eyeball. His deft sculpting fingers are just waiting to rip a well known and beloved toy limb from limb, in the name of his particular brand of Art-meets-Science. In the third instalment of our on going video series, we were lucky enough to hang out with Jason while he performed his “plastic surgery” and divulged a few secrets behind his unique craft”

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The future of Photoshop

The video comes with this sentence: What could your creative future look like? And for sure this “trailer” has some answers! Amazing software from a company with top standards.

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Watch manufacturing: Piaget Craftsmanship

I like the engineering of watches and chronographs! So much intelligence and precision must go in a small package. And on top of that, it should be fashion desirable!

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Studio 99: Art and Science

Artist in Residence James George finds similarities between the creative process and the pursuit of research. “Before this residency,” George says, “I had not been aware of the extent and makeup of the peer-review process in research, but there’s another analogy to art: Both are based on interacting with a community that shares a similar goal or similar ideas, and each person makes a unique contribution”. For sure is an interesting concept that looks like a non use solution for anything out there. Just something for a “wow” factor when you watch it for the first time. But on the future it will improve (and shape) the ampiend technology around us. For more info about it have a look here

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Photography and Cars equals Art

I am not an Art kind of person. I can appreciate some parts of it and I can admire some other parts but you will never find me spending time in museums and art galleries! I know that some of you are going to tell me that I am not into art because I can’t understand it but this is another story. So, why this monolog? because I happened to cross those pictures on the net the other day!

Those are from the Fabian Oefner, a famous photographer/artist (more like a photographer only) that combines science and art, mixes everything with his professional eye and captures the perfect moment though his lens. The result is quite spectacular and is probably something that will get appreciation from everyone out there. Not only the art king of people.

You can find those at the MB&F MAD Gallery on Geneva – Switcherland (or Swiss if you prefer it like that) under the name Disintegrating” and “Hatch. And if you are wondering how he made those. Well, the concept is simple but it can easily fool the eye! Hundreds of photos of model cars and parts supported with needles. Precise captures, fine movements and passion for detail! Have a look here for more info

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