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The New Audi A5 Coupe

Oh, I love that car!

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Audi RS6

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Audi Prologue

Now that is incredible! But I was hopping for better interior!

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Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept

After making the Audi circles in the desert and the fast driving around a mountain, the self driving cars of Audi are ready for the next step. This time an Audi RS 7 fully equipped with computers and sensors will make the next big leap!

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Assembly and Testings

An Astrium engineer is “playing” with a satellite part. Is it possible somehow to play this game as well?

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Audi: The cube

In my opinion this is the best car launch consept of the last couple of years! It is a specially designed 11x11x11cm black cube, strictly limited to a few selected happy (potential) customers, with a car start button on the top. If you are one of the chosen ones, the manufacturer will distribute this cube at your own door. However, the driver has to push the start/stop button to trigger the countdown. A GPS signal will transmited and 90 minutes later, the drive in the Audi A8 can begin! I don’t know about the car, I will never drive one of those… but the concept is brilliant! Congratulations Audi or maybe I have to give my greetings to the advertising company?

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How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus

Another video from Drive, another tour at a car manufacturing plant! This time they pay a visit at Audi to see the construction process of the R8 V10 Plus. The description of the videos says: “The R8 V10 Plus is a special Audi that shows off the craftsmanship of Quattro GmbH. Leo Parente tours the special assembly shop where the R8 comes together. While the shop is high-tech, there is still a hand-built element to the construction of the R8”

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The Audi movie 2013

A very well made video from Audio. They call it a “movie” as it is something like a year review of what they have made and what they are willing to do. Something like we are already watching, and participating somehow! Without a doubt it worth to spend almost three minutes of your time for it

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Audi R8 Handcrafted

It is like a featurette video of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary or even a Hollywood movie! But in reality is nothing more than a very well made Audi commercial! It is all about the handcrafted origin of their R8 super car and it tells the full story in just 80 seconds. By the way, it needs 5196 individual components to build an Audi R8!

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Audi Exclusive

Colours, details, inspiration, leather, craftsmanship, handmade, fashion and quality! These are some words that I can use to describe this video from Audi! It seems that they are following the path of the super car factories. They started to produce interiors (and possible exteriors) specially tailored to the customer needs. In other words you have the ability to choose the colours, leather types and positions, metal surfaces, different finished and even specially designed parts. All of those in an extensive rate not just like the different packages supported already from the various vehicle types. A nice touch for a rapidly growing company… but for the big wallets out there! Too bad that this video is still on 360p resolution

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