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The Garden Of The Connected Future

The gardening experience of the Connected Future doesn’t just involve dirt, seeds and shovels anymore. Edyn connects gardeners to information and data about their soil that they would’ve never had access to before

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Autodesk’s Project Escher

Autodesk’s Project Escher now makes it possible to print large scale 3D parts with unprecedented speed and detail. Through software, control and hardware integration Project Escher enables a fundamentally new class of 3D printer

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Microsoft HoloLens & Autodesk 360

Microsoft HoloLens and Autodesk Fusion 360 are helping improve collaboration across the product development process, enabling engineers and designers to iterate together in real-time. A well made video and a promising collaboration!

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Voxel8: The First 3D Electronics Printer

Voxel8 has created the world’s first 3D electronics printer from the ground-up. Novel conductive materials and 3D printing technology from the Lewis Research Group at Harvard University. New software crafted for the Voxel8 printer called Project Wire by Autodesk. The Voxel8 printer truly allows you to combine electronics with novel mechanical forms. So, what would you print?

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Leap Motion: Autodesk into 3D Design

When the well known Autodesk collides with Leap Motion, things you’re thinking in your mind can happen so much faster. This video demonstrates exactly this collaboration (and the results it brings) between a tech startup company and the probably the leader into CAD design, Autodesk. Lots of nice design snapshots and overall a well made presentation video

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