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BAC Mono – Singularity

Briggs Automotive Company, Autodesk, and Rockstar Films dive into the soul of Mono through this collaboration titled Singularity

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What makes an Engineer

I love cars… their design, the speed, the ride into the open roads! But most of the times I am catching myself enjoying more the internals of them! How they work, how they operate! Why is this piece here and not there? Why they add this component and not the other one that seems better on specs? And almost always this canvas of tubes, springs, metal alloys, electronics and actuators is like an art for me!
And this isn’t happening only with cars. Airplanes, robots, jet engines, electronic equipment… everything! Maybe this makes an engineer! The wonder of how things are operating. How we can make them better. How we can push the boundaries even further!

PS: The photo is from the construction process of the amazing BAC Mono

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BAC Mono

Make it! Race it! This pretty much describes the video… from start to finish!

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How The Briggs Brothers Made a Supercar

A very truthful interview of the Briggs brothers (Neill and Ian Briggs). The funders and owners of the Briggs Automotive Company, commonly known as BAC. It is a British sports car manufacturing company based in Speke – Liverpool focused to produce specialist sports cars targeted at enthusiasts. For now their only creation is the Mono, a car created around a pure driving experience. Have a look at the interview. It starts from their childhood and goes all the way to the future of the company and the new cars. I love self made people that through hard work and true passion become so successful!

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BAC Mono. Engineering and Art

Are you interested at Bjork music? Yes? No? Personally I am not, but somehow I remember a video clip from her from the song “All is full of Love”. The music is not my style but the video it is. It is showing a robot and little pieces of engineering! So, what these have to do with this post? It is all about a car which get key inspirations from this song video clip

The car is made from BAC and its name is Mono. It looks amazing, it is not like a regular day to day car and I want one! Not only because it can go fast but also because it triggers a part of my brain that still remains a child (interpreted with the good way of course). Even the little pieces of cuts at the carbon fibber body or the half covered engine making the viewing experience even better.

I will not get into mechanical details, top speed characteristics or even the fixed tables that you can find on a regular car magazines. You can find all of those here but even if you read this probably you are like me and you are not a the waiting list for it. But despite that you can still admire/enjoy the video and pictures. It truly is a piece of engineering art that can move around in high speeds

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