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Making a Sound control Unit

Follow the process of how the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence is made! From raw materials (mainly aluminium based) to the customers hands!

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A partnership in sound

Another amazing video from B&O! In this one you can discover the shared manufacturing ethos of Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati, and how this joint passion comes together in the Seven Notes project. It is a video with high level of abstraction so don’t expect to see any manufacturing details. It is just a cool looking result!

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Bang & Olufsen: The magic design

It seems that I’ve already post too many B&O videos here. But every time that a new video is coming out from this factory it is like a must post for me! It is not only about their quality products but for their fine videos as well. They are saying that we must join them on the magical journey from initial, fledgling ideas through prototypes and thoughts when designing a new Bang & Olufsen product. Meet designer Torsten Valeur from David Lewis Designers and Kresten Krab Johansen, concept developer at Bang & Olufsen guide you through the process and thoughts behind the new surround sound system BeoLab 14

And this another video from the same source. It is in cooperation with Discovery Channel and it tells the story of BeoLab 14 material craftsmanship. “Take a closer look to fully appreciate the detailed and uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship that goes into BeoLab 14. A single piece of aluminium transformed under the weight of 170 tons of pressure forms a seamless ring of pure, flawless strength”

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Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System

I’ve post a couple of Bang & Olufsen topics on this blog but every time that this company makes a new video I want directly to click the “New Post” button. They are always producing flawless video trailers, precisely made like the audio-visual products that they engineer! I am not going to lie. I am not the best supporter on their visual products, despite their top quality, but the sound purity and craftsmanship of their audio portfolio is just perfect

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The world of Bang & Olufsen

I was looking a couple of days ago for a few good quality Audio-Visual companies for a specific job. A few of them are amazingly good (and expensive), some of them are new but very promising and others are in this business for years with sound and product quality the exceeds the general standards. One on them is Bang & Olufsen and this is a unique look inside their world. From the R&D and design to production and the test facilities and finally the finished product

And here is the craftsmanship in the BeoVision 10

And as they say: “It’s no miracle making a constant and linear movement. But starting slowly, going faster and then reaching a soft stop… that’s what makes it really fascinating. The mechanical movements contribute significantly to the magic behind many Bang & Olufsen products”

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