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Industrial Robots

I don’t know why I like it but I did!

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Watch manufacturing: Piaget Craftsmanship

I like the engineering of watches and chronographs! So much intelligence and precision must go in a small package. And on top of that, it should be fashion desirable!

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Making a Leather Door Lever

This is not an ordinary door lever! This is made by Turnstyle Designs. A company from England. You wouldn’t believe how many steps and detailing are needed for an item like this one! But this comes with a high price tag as well…

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Making a Dial: Franck Muller

A detailed video about watchmaking and specifically the making process of a dial. It is from the well known (and highly expensive) Swiss manufacturer Frank Muller. Now I understand why those watches and chronographs are so ridiculously expensive! But even now that I showed my appreciation I still can’t own one!

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Opus 12 Chronograph

A nice animation of the precise mechanism that powers the Harry Winston’s Opus 12 chronograph. It is pretty remarkable how many parts are inside this fashion (and engineering) master piece! Every single part (that is crafted from metal) must work perfectly in order to have the final result. It is a last years design (2012) and it was on my post list for ages. Somehow I press the publish button today… just before the end of this year! Maybe in order to keep track of time for the new beginnings!

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