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The ECO-MOBIUS is a modular phone that can be easily assembled and upgraded. Its modules are easily replaceable and are assembled via sliding tracks. Basically the phone is divided into four independent modules – display, core, battery, and camera. The display module includes the screen and the lens; the core module is loaded with CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, and other electronic devices

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Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

Motherboard dives head first into the R+D world surrounding the development of fungi as a viable replacement for plastic, and the people who hope it can lead to a better and more sustainable future

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How to assemble railway tracks

This is amazing! What a machine can do precisely in few hours…

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Boeing: 38 Stories of Power

World’s biggest rocket. How would you feel about going to Mars? Or maybe an asteroid? Take a ride on the new SLS built by Boeing and ignite your human spirit

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How to assemble a Porsche GT3 Cup car

Have you ever wondered how a Porsche GT3 Cup car is being assembled? Take a look behind the scenes in this video

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How Does a Jet Engine Work?

Another great video from General Electric. It explains in plain english how a jet engine works!

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The future of 3D Printing

“Imagine a world where we can 3D print a full-size cargo plane or quickly produce a body part to save someone’s life. Through additive manufacturing or 3D printing, we are bringing people closer to products and solving challenges in new ways. We are pushing the limits of this technology to produce parts quickly and affordably with geometry and design that has never been possible before”

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Can you believe that is made of paper

Yes, I will say it again! Can you believe that this is made entirely from paper? Not some specially kind of paper with unique capabilities but ordinary day to day paper from cardboard boxes, empty cereals, biscuit wrappers and other stuffs from the trash can!

And who is the creator? Paul Bischof, a UK-based modelmaker and Formula 1 enthusiast! He painstakingly builds scale model race cars mainly on 1/10th scale. And he details everything. Not only the exterior and the parts someone will see. From oil pumps in the engine to straps in the bucket seats and electrical cable running across the body of the car. One of his scale models can be composed of over 6,000 pieces of paper!

Now, he works for the real Red Bull Racing, designing components for actual Formula 1 cars. He deserves it to be there… and probably to even greater places! You can see more of his model work at his blog

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