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The Future of Optical Technology

Telescopes could dramatically shrink in the future with a gen-after-next technology called SPIDER. A thin, scalable array of tiny lenslets piece together visual information like a jigsaw puzzle—a science called interferometry—and will eliminate all the bulk of traditional telescopes. Lighter instruments that are faster to build mean cheaper launches, multi-mission spacecraft and even benefits down here on Earth

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The world

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The World Outside My Window

Well, not exactly my window but… what an amazing video! This is the only thing I can say about it. Basically it is a montage of time-lapse photography (David Peterson is the editor) from the International Space Station (ISS) that collected from many expeditions. The music fits perfectly the theme and if you are wondering about the song then have a look at the “Fill My Heart” by the “Two Steps from Hell” (many more amazing songs in this album)

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Our fragile Planet Earth

A time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 
28, 29, 30 & 31 onboard the International Space Station (ISS). It is our earth… and it is beautiful!

And here is another one (under the name Tendency) that I’ve like a lot! The videos are from Joan from Barcelona. Enjoy in full screen!!!

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