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Maximum pressure

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Design of the future

The raw metals, the decoleration after the extreme heat and the shiny composite parts. Nice shot!

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Group Shot in GE Aviation

The photo is from Twitter and the text was saying: “Thankful that I was able to tour the GE aviation facility in Peebles and make some great new friends there”. I am guessing that they had a great time there! Anyone interested for a tour like this one?

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Jet engine intake

This is a jet engine intake fan system for todays photo of the day! It looks shiny and brand new as it suppose to be in this exhibition form! It’s actually a General Electric next-generation LEAP jet engine with 3D printed parts and advanced ceramic components for better durability and performance. GE developed and manufactures the LEAP in a joint venture with France’s Snecma

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Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

A beautifully made video about… well, a Porsche Carrera 3.2 engine teardown! The colours of the video combined with the time lapse are creating a nice result. All of those ingredients together with old good engine engineering are making a must post result! And if you are interested about the time and effort that it took for this result, then here are a few words from the creators: “We shot about 4000 pictures during three days of disassembly. This resulted in eight minutes of film which we thought to be way too long for the average viewer, so we boiled it down to three minutes and used 1500 pictures. Editing took two days, creating the music and tweaking it to fit the film took another four days. All this happened over the course of three months”

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Engine Rebuild: Project One

Will Urbina became famous on YouTube for his custom made PC cases and computer projects! He is making truly amazing items and almost all of them are hand made with detail close up videos of the process. Another hobby of his is cars. Specifically, the rebuild and modification of the Baja Bug that he owns. In this video (part 2) he reassembles the engine and adds all the peripheral parts before he fit again the power house at the cars engine compartment

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Fighter Jet Engine Inspection

This is something that you are now seeing every day! It is an engineer inside the tail of a jet fighter engine (an F16 to be accurate). With his flashlight he is inspecting the engine for little cracks and any foreign objects insertion that could harm or even totally destroy the most critical part of the plane

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Red Bull Racing: Rhythm of the Factory

What an amazing video! Perfect motion pictures, perfect sound, perfect concept, perfect colours! It is from Red Bull Racing (originally uploaded on the officially Infiniti YouTube channel) and it shows with a very inspiring, and musical, way how they design and make their Formula 1 racing cars. I liked it a lot because it shows almost everything of what I love! From drawings to CAD design, craftsmanship and model makings, to CNCs and advanced engineering! Simply… I love it!!!

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Renault Energy-F1

The video starts with a quote from Alain Prost: “An engine is the heart of a car, from next year it returns to the heart of our sport”. A quote that fits perfectly this wonderful new advertisement from Renault. It’s all about a new engine with two energy sources, thermic and electric, for a new era of Formula 1 track records.

Honestly, when I’ve watched the news about this engine I was happily surprised that they produced a video like this one. In general those news are supported only by photos and graph charts but not teaser trailers. It is for sure a nice touch and hopefully I will perform good as well

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Passion for Engineering

I am an electronics engineer and I love it! I am designing embedded architectures, algorithms and systems. But I am not stopping there. I am fascinated from all kinds of engineering. From aerospace and manufacturing engineering to vehicle and structural. If you combine those with beautiful design, passion for perfection and of course craftsmanship then you get a mixture that drives me! Look for example the above photo (and the others as well). It is the front part of a Pagani super car engine bay. It doesn’t matter which one. It only matters the engineering perfection and thinking behind it. The CNC machined engine covers together with the carbon fiber and other composite materials. The mathematics of power ratios, friction and consumption. The color of the torx bolts together with the precise hand assembly.
Somehow those photos describe me as person even if my original passion is not the vehicle manufacturing and design. Maybe it is originated at my childhood, playing with screw drivers and tearing down toys in order to figure out how they operate. Somehow if I have to paste a link to a picture that best describes me (but it is not me at that frame) then possibly it will be a combination of all the shots posted here together high class electronics and wiring all around. Maybe the background will have a bench with tools, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. Maybe a stereo-microscope as well, close together with a soldering iron for hand assembly of delicate prototypes.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a car like this probably the first thing that you will do is to open the door, get inside and drive for hours! Feel the engine power, the speed and acceleration. But I will not do the same. I will open the hood and look inside. Enjoy the picture for the moment and then feel with my hand the surface of the different materials. Then my other part of the brain will start. It will try to understand why they fit this bolt here and not there. Why this metal part is triggering this elastic tube. Why they fit electronic management at the suspensions but not at the powertrain. And it is not something that I am doing with specific steps. Every time is a different path. Somehow my brain automatically rearranges everything at the background. Yes, I like to get my hands dirty. Yes, I am an engineer and I love it!


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