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The Rhythm of the Factory

The Formula One team, Red Bull Racing, based in Milton Keynes UK, show how to build a Formula One car creating ‘The Rhythm of the Factory’

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Burning Tires

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Motion Timelapse: Stickering a Ferrari

The entire process applying the stickers to a F14 T Ferrari

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Can you believe that is made of paper

Yes, I will say it again! Can you believe that this is made entirely from paper? Not some specially kind of paper with unique capabilities but ordinary day to day paper from cardboard boxes, empty cereals, biscuit wrappers and other stuffs from the trash can!

And who is the creator? Paul Bischof, a UK-based modelmaker and Formula 1 enthusiast! He painstakingly builds scale model race cars mainly on 1/10th scale. And he details everything. Not only the exterior and the parts someone will see. From oil pumps in the engine to straps in the bucket seats and electrical cable running across the body of the car. One of his scale models can be composed of over 6,000 pieces of paper!

Now, he works for the real Red Bull Racing, designing components for actual Formula 1 cars. He deserves it to be there… and probably to even greater places! You can see more of his model work at his blog

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Pitstop of the Reds

It is not from the latest Formula 1 championship but it doesn’t matter at all! No more words about this capture… just enjoy the heat of the moment!

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Ferrari: The birth of the new powertrain

“The season is about to get going. On Friday Scuderia Ferrari will take part in free practice for the first race of the championship. Of special interest in 2014 is the new powertrain, which will be characterised by a 1.6 litre turbo engine assisted by two energy recovery systems, one that takes it from the braking and one that exploits the hot gases coming from the turbo. Ferrari’s sponsor Shell has created a new documentary about the Ferrari power train (numbered 059/3) which had its premiere at an event attended by the Scuderia’s two drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso” -From the official Ferrari YouTube channel

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How The Briggs Brothers Made a Supercar

A very truthful interview of the Briggs brothers (Neill and Ian Briggs). The funders and owners of the Briggs Automotive Company, commonly known as BAC. It is a British sports car manufacturing company based in Speke – Liverpool focused to produce specialist sports cars targeted at enthusiasts. For now their only creation is the Mono, a car created around a pure driving experience. Have a look at the interview. It starts from their childhood and goes all the way to the future of the company and the new cars. I love self made people that through hard work and true passion become so successful!

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Energy F1 Engine

Well, this is just a Formula 1 engine! It is from Renault and is going to be used for the next seasons championship. I am not going to speak about performance figures and technology behind it and the amount of time/money it needs to R&D one of those things. You can easily find those on the net. The only thing I am going to say is that from the time the engineers and technicians put this on a car, the driver will feel many types of pleasures! But come on! It looks amazing like that as well. Even without the car! I can easily have on of those, exactly like it’s in the photo, in my living room! No problem at all! Shiny metal, crafted carbon fibber, perfect curves matched with rough angles and respect. Huge respect for the R&D team that can make something so powerful and beautiful together! So please, can anyone buy me one of those? Please, please… I will give him a big hug!

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Renault Energy-F1

The video starts with a quote from Alain Prost: “An engine is the heart of a car, from next year it returns to the heart of our sport”. A quote that fits perfectly this wonderful new advertisement from Renault. It’s all about a new engine with two energy sources, thermic and electric, for a new era of Formula 1 track records.

Honestly, when I’ve watched the news about this engine I was happily surprised that they produced a video like this one. In general those news are supported only by photos and graph charts but not teaser trailers. It is for sure a nice touch and hopefully I will perform good as well

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