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Making the Future air defender

Just another F35 during the assembly process. Even like that, even with the protection surfaces still attached to it… still looks amazing!

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Over the Desert

No the C130 is not pulling the two F35 like we are doing on a broken car! They are refuelling simultaneusly at a higher altitude over the desert. The picture is from the Twitter. Enjoy the beauty of technology and engineering!

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F35 Getting Ready

Just a beautiful F35 for the todays photo of the day! It looks amazing! So mush technology, engineering, physics, mathematics, design, craftsmanship, passion, speed… in just one photo! Probably those were the reasons a like airplanes so mush. They are include almost everything of what I love!

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F35 crossing the sky

They are saying that this is (or probably it will be) the most advanced fighter jet on the planet. On top of that, the same people are also saying that it is one of the ugliest out there. I can’t express a point about the first sentence but I can definitely say that from this point of shoot the jet looks amazing!

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