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Burning Tires

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Red Bull Racing: Rhythm of the Factory

What an amazing video! Perfect motion pictures, perfect sound, perfect concept, perfect colours! It is from Red Bull Racing (originally uploaded on the officially Infiniti YouTube channel) and it shows with a very inspiring, and musical, way how they design and make their Formula 1 racing cars. I liked it a lot because it shows almost everything of what I love! From drawings to CAD design, craftsmanship and model makings, to CNCs and advanced engineering! Simply… I love it!!!

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Renault Energy-F1

The video starts with a quote from Alain Prost: “An engine is the heart of a car, from next year it returns to the heart of our sport”. A quote that fits perfectly this wonderful new advertisement from Renault. It’s all about a new engine with two energy sources, thermic and electric, for a new era of Formula 1 track records.

Honestly, when I’ve watched the news about this engine I was happily surprised that they produced a video like this one. In general those news are supported only by photos and graph charts but not teaser trailers. It is for sure a nice touch and hopefully I will perform good as well

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The Scream Of Science

The introduction to the return of Formula 1 to the BBC. Includes the return of the much loved BBC F1 theme “The Chain”. At least this is the YouTube description of the video. I’am not sure if F1 is still on BBC but the video is one the best intros so far

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Sauber cutaway F1 race car

Do you want to see an F1 car cut in half? Well, here is the answer! Sauber is the first company that cuts a car in the formula one world… and explains everything about it!

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