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The Amazing LEGO Bugatti Chiron

Get the full story behind the creation of the amazing real-size LEGO Technic version of the Bugatti Chiron. Learn how the engineers and the designers overcame challenge after challenge to recreate the real Chiron – and make it drive using only LEGO Power Function motors!

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PlayStation 4: Unboxing and Teardown

This is a video from Wired and its all about the PlayStation 4. The latest game console from Sony, in the effort to reclaim its spot at the top of the home gaming world. Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori tears down the PS4 after a quick unboxing. Wired’s author says: “The system is designed under the leadership of Mark Cerny — an American software designer — the PS4 is a machine that is simple yet powerful. The idea was to make it as easy as possible for developers to build games to rival anything on the market. The key to this philosophy is the main processor, which combines a CPU, the brains of a computer, with a GPU, which typically handles graphics. In the teardown, you can see this chip, but also the 8GB of GDDR5 memory, the optical drive, the heat pipes, the centrifugal fan, and whatever else you wanna geek-out on”

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Making a Halo Needler Gun

I am not a huge Halo fun and in general I am not even a game player either! Before you make any assumptions I have to declare that I was playing video games (both on consoles and PCs) but I’ve never been into it! That been said, I am posting here a video from Tested describing the creation process of a Needler gun from Halo Reach. The creator, or maker if you preferred like that, is Harrison Krix from Volpin Props. Of course, the Needler it’s a prop and not a real weapon but the making process and the amound of detail is worth mentioning. It took almost a year to build, lot of detailing, molding, weathering and… patience!

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