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Solo: The new drop from 3DR

It looks amazing! I am wondering if they still use an open source pixhawk flight controller or they moved to a closed source custom made one! For more info have a look here: http://3drobotics.com

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A Drone In Iceland

A wonderful video made with a DJI Phantom 2 “drone” together with a Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and a GoPro. The footage slowed down by 20%, giving it a slightly dreamy look! On top of that, shooting at 2.7k and then downsampling to 1080p gives you super sharp video that you can zoom into if needed. A very well done job that makes you want to go to Iceland immediately!

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Inspiration from Advertising

This is the promotional video of the new GoPro Hero4. I don’t own a GoPro (I want one) but this 4 minute video is truly inspirational! Well done GoPro… well done! And the complete philosophy of this add is summarised in this sentence: “Life is either an incredible adventure or is nothing at all”

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Ferrari 458, Behind the scenes

It is the most high performance Ferrari V8 sports car ever and we’ve hatched the intro video in this blog post. But now we have the exciting official behind the scenes video dedicated to the 458 Speciale! It needs hard work to make not just a good car but a teaser video as well! Enjoy!

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