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TAG Heuer Manufacture

It needs very precise work to make a chronograph and this video proves it! It is from the Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer and shows the entire process of creation. From the idea and the first hand draws to the raw materials and the detailed craftsmanship.

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How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus

Another video from Drive, another tour at a car manufacturing plant! This time they pay a visit at Audi to see the construction process of the R8 V10 Plus. The description of the videos says: “The R8 V10 Plus is a special Audi that shows off the craftsmanship of Quattro GmbH. Leo Parente tours the special assembly shop where the R8 comes together. While the shop is high-tech, there is still a hand-built element to the construction of the R8”

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The Vertu Constellation

We’ve already heard about custom handmade cars, jewellery, wearables etc. But never anything around mobile phones. Those are mass produced by factories in China (or around there for some other manufacturers) and look exactly the same. Every year or so, we have new models and the wheel goes round and round! But this is going to change because of Vertu, a UK based company. Each new Vertu Constellation is handmade in England by a single craftsman and they look… interesting! They are saying that “only once they are entirely happy with it, do they put their name to it”. Almost the same motto from all the hand made oriented companies out there. Actually I don’t like the design of the phones so much. Neither the philosophy at least on this market. Yes, the making process is amazing and the video help to present that even better. But I am not entirely convinced so far. Find out more here

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The value of Craftsmanship

His name is Geoffrey Franklin and with his Walnut Studiolo he makes wood and leather bicycle accessories by hand. I am actually not a huge fan of his creations as final products. I don’t own a bicycle either (ok I do, but I almost never use it) but I really appreciate people that create things with their hands. People that take raw materials, change them, process them and putting lot of effort and inspiration on them. No matter if this is for leather bicycle accessories or a custom made experimental plane engine. It’s all about the people and the creation process! And honestly we have to elevate them at the “ranks” of humanity. I am bored of watching singers and useless TV personalities being the love models of our society. So… in this video, Mr Franklin shares thoughts on the design process and explains what it really means for something to be handmade

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