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Billions in Change

The world is facing some huge problems. There’s a lot of talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn’t reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project

And here is his amazing speech!

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What makes Facebook run

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Apple Mac Pro

If you haven’t heard the news a couple of months ago Apple released its latest Mac Pro. It is a true power house, no one can disagree about that, but the most revolutionary aspect of it is the design. In this photo we have a top shot of the system without the external aluminium enclosure and the fan. The interesting aspect is that this is the full computer. You don’t need anything more in order to run your latest version of Macintosh. The system is highly upgradable too, despite that this is an Apple product! Engineering at its best!

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Maserati: Inside the climatic wind tunnel

The new Maserati Ghibli’s superior technology and reliability is not just the result of extensive road tests but was also achieved through the use of cutting-edge instruments designed to simulate extreme weather conditions. This video reveals the work undertaken in the climatic wind tunnel in which unusual weather conditions are recreated. The tunnel is able to generate temperature shifts close to 100°C (from below -30°C to more than 60°C). More info here

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